I'm the kinda girl who...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Because every post needs a picture...
I'm the kinda girl who...

- has to clean the kitchen before I go to bed. I get it from my Meme.

- turns into a witch when I'm tired or hungry.

- would love to look like the Tone It Up girls, but am perfectly okay with how I look. Ice cream is greater than looking like Karena and Katrina.

- will go out in public with no makeup and look as though I just ran through the woods.

- hates committing to stuff because I hate having the possibility of having to cancel for some reason.

- can fry chicken like my Momma.

- will always be a Daddy's girl.

- never got into the party scene and doesn't like alcohol.

- wants to redecorate my house all the time.

- never knew she could love her dogs as much as she loves some humans.

- tells it like it is, but has evidence to back it up.

- hates, absolutely hates red roses. 

- can't use a sponge because the thought of the germs on it grosses me out.

- despite my hate for sponges, I will apply the five-second rule to almost anything.

- would rather go explore a city than lay on a beach and do nothing.

- has never counted calories or analyzed what I'm eating. I eat it, and I enjoy it, and that's that.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Yes to all of those... except the fried chicken, I am still learning the art of frying!

  2. Yes to pretty much all of these! I would love to look like a Tone It Up girl but I don't think it is going to happen. Oh well! Fun post :)

  3. Fried chicken, blog post? Or have you done that already, but could get dangerous trying to take a picture while putting a piece of chicken in hot oil. ;) sponges and 5 second rule, LOL

  4. No makeup rules!!! I'll go out sometimes without it and when people actually notice that I'm wearing its like they've never seen me in it before. Oh and you should share your fried chicken recipe

  5. Random Question: Was that pic taken at the Tyler, TX zoo?

  6. Many of those I can identify with....but not the city vs. beach. I love being a beach bum! I have a really hard time using a sponge more than once, because I get so grossed out. I've never bought into that whole nuke'ing it in the microwave to kill the bacteria theory. That just seems like the heat would make them thrive. Puke!

  7. Oh I am a total witch too! I need some of dat fried chicken! :)

  8. I've just recently discovered your blog and love it! I'm inspired to take on a spending freeze challenge for this upcoming Lent and your posts on your year of no fashion purchases are totally inspiring me :)

  9. Oh my gosh I am the WORST to be around when I'm #hangry

  10. I agree with absolutely everything on this, apart from I'm a MUCH better cook than my momma, she cant even make toast without burning it. Oh and your body is perfect, I'd kill for your figure- screw tone it up!