Why We Work

Friday, February 14, 2014

We work because he dances, ridiculously, around me when I am in a bad mood...and he gets me to laugh which I absolutely hate because it is always a moment when I want to be mad.

We work because I do the money, and he stays out of the money. At the beginning of our marriage Chris tried to learn about all things finances and it caused such a huge stress. Now, he doesn't even bother.

We work because we love sports. We love watching sports, throwing the ball, and competing against one another.

We work because we are quite silly.

We work because I love alone time and Chris hates it. He always wants to be around me and sometimes I don't want to be around anyone. It works because he can stay at work late and I can actually get stuff done!

We work because we both love to eat. We love Italian food and ice cream. We have to have ice cream in the house 24/7.

We work because we know that every time we pack the car to go on a trip we will get in an argument. Every.single.time. We know it!

We work because we are both 80 year olds stuck in young people's bodies. 

We work because we both tell each other not to let the dogs on the furniture, but when we are home alone, the dogs are allowed on the furniture. 

We work because we both think Valentine's is the lamest holiday ever.
We work because we would take a delivery pizza night over any fancy night out.

We work because we don't love the beach like most people. We like it, but we don't love it.

We work because we have managed to raise two pups without killing them, or each other.

We work because we both hate to drink.

We work because we both love Coke. Only Coke.

We work because we know how we fight. I need time to cool off, Chris wants to talk about it right nowww. Basically we suck at fighting, so right when we start, I just blurt out "this is dumb" and we go cool off...because usually the fight is stemming from something really dumb. 

We work because neither of us count calories, eat super healthy, or care if one day we are a little puffier. I could never be with a guy who judged me for eating a whole pizza and washing it down with a pint of ice cream. One of our pet peeves is when people eat something and instantly say, "I feel fat. I need to go walk/run/go to the gym." Eat it and don't complain, or don't eat it and watch me stuff my face.

We work because I hate to watch movies and he loves to watch movies, so I can sit and blog/stalk the internet while he watches a movie.

We work because we are best friends. Cheesy, I know, but not only are we lovas (ew?), but no one makes me laugh, cry, scream, dance, giggles, or sing quite as much as Chris does. 

We work because we fight/argue/get mad. They say you stop fighting when you stop caring. I'll go with that. 

We work because we both never desire to have a cat.

We work because we both hate running.

We work because we love God.

We work because we have the support of our families.

We work because we both sometimes ignore our parent's phone calls (sorry!) because we just want to enjoy a couple moments of just us. With work and dinner and then little chores around the house, we sometimes just want to sit, and enjoy us.

We work because we know that, no matter what, we made a vow to love one another until death do us part and no matter how bad we piss one another off, we are STUCK with each other fo-eva.

Circa early 2010
This list could go onandonandonandon...

Lastly, we work because we both love the idea of making chocolate covered strawberries and ordering pizza on Valentine's...while wearing sweatpants and slippers. That's what we'll be doing tonight!

What makes you and your spouse/significant other work?

Happy Valentine's Day! (Even though you should love people everyday...) 

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  1. You two are just so cute together! Happy. Valentines Day.

  2. I seriously just love this post--you two are so cute!


  3. Love this entire post, but the pic of Bailey smothering Wrigs is too damn cute!

  4. Hahahaha! Love this! You guys are pretty special together I must say. So sweet :) Happy love day my friend! Enjoy the sweatpant pizza! ;)

  5. Loveeeee this. And I also really love that pic of the pups snuggling. You are all super precious.

  6. So sweet!! Y'all are an adorable couple!!!! :)

  7. Girrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll... your hubsband is damn sexxxxxxxy with his shirt off!!!! go on girl!!!!

  8. I'm seriously pretty sure you guys are EXACTLY like myself and my husband. like EXACTLY. except the $$…hubs is the CPA so thats his deal. Either way. you guys are so so so cute.

  9. Sweetest post I've seen all day! You two complement each other so well. Craig and I are alike enough and different enough to do the same.

  10. "We work because we are both 80 year olds stuck in young people's bodies."

    YES! That's us too! I love it! hahahahahahha!


  11. Aww so cute....I love that you said 80 year olds stuck in young people's bodies! You just described me and my hubs!

  12. What a cute list and group of pictures! Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  13. I just love you so much for this whole entire post! YAY for working!

  14. Just found your blog through the link-up {a little late} and am so happy that I did! Your pictures are gorgeous and it looks like you and Chris make such a great couple! Can't wait to continue reading along with your blog :)

  15. This was the cutest, sweetest post filled with so much love. I hope he reads it. =) You two are a

    1. You two are an adorable couple.

      Sorry I pressed 'publish' too soon.