The best five for Friday yet!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This weeks Five for Friday just about checks every box on a girls must-have list!

1. This diamond bracelet. Diamond Bracelets are classic perfection. They go with everything and can be passed from generation to generation. Anjolee was kind enough to send me this replica of one of their popular diamond bracelets. Y'all, it's so gorgeous. The quality is superb, the latch is secure, and the sparkle is ooo-la-la. 

I might add that is it extremely hard to photograph your own wrist. Mission semi-accomplished.

I would highly recommend Anjolee. Even if you're not in the market for diamonds, it is still fun to click around and dream!

2. Texas Burrito Company food truck launch party. 

It was so fun hanging with Celeste and meeting Helene! Helene's personality is captivating and we hugged the moment we saw each other because we felt like we already were friends. Blogging does that to ya!

Burrito coma below. I brought one of m best friends, Desirae. We had so much fun! I will post more details about this event next week!

3. I am really looking forward to low key weekend. Since we were anticipating moving this weekend (read why we no longer are here) we have no plans. I am probably going to go hang with some girlfriends while Chris does something manly. 

4. Essie nail polish. I have had the same color on for two weeks and it doesn't even look terrible

5. Sour Punch straws. Wednesday I had to drop something off at UPS. They had a bowl of candy sitting out so I grabbed a mini sour punchh straw. I drove away and instantly stopped at the next gas station because I knew I HAD to have more. I haven't bought candy at a gas station in years, so it felt like I was stepping back into my younger days of a daily does of gas station food. 

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. That bracelet is GORGEOUS! Have a great weekend!! :)

  2. you are the best for coming out last night!! so fun meeting you :)
    and that bracelet looks almost identical to mine!

  3. I wanted to go to that event!! How fun....why does Texas have to be so big? :) And boo for all this house ruckus!! I am hoping that it all gets squared away soon. What is wrong with those people? Seriously?!

  4. Ahhh DYING for mexican now you've mentioned it! That bracelet is truly beautiful, so classic and elegant xo

  5. Essie polish is the best!! I love that I can wear it for 2 weeks and not look half way chiped off. Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow, that bracelet is SO gorgeous!!! Now I want a burrito. Yum.