WIWW: No shopping + link up!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here we are February 26th and I have yet to buy anything this year. I blame it on this little thing called buying a house. Not only has it consumed all of our time, but it is taking all our money, too. And I have to add in the fact that after my year of no shopping, I don't really crave shopping like I used to. I am more excited about shopping for things for our new house!

On my radar, though, are a new pair of leopard flats. I have a pair that I got at Target for $12 three years ago and they hurt my feet so bad. I don't get blisters, my feet just hurt really bad at the end of the day. I think I have earned a new pair by now!

Wednesday Randoms:
- Last weekend I was in sweats and a tee-shirt and packed all weekend. I didn't even feel like getting dressed in real clothes to go take pictures. 

- I really want to cut my hair again, but I also want to grow it out for my best friend's wedding!

- I am kinda over the Bachelor. Juan Pablo's lack of ability to hold a conversation is about as unattractive as it comes. Plus, I already read the spoilers...

- Chris just called me, "baby..." and I almost threw up. Call me anything you'd like, just non "baby" or "sweetie." He usually does it just to annoy me. Babe, bear, and Mrs. T (only because that's what my kiddos call me) are usually his go-to names for me, but when he wants to make me laugh/get my attention, he throws out a "baby". We have nothing against "baby," it just is not us!

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Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I read the bachelor spoilers too from realty Steve!


  2. Ugh I couldn't get into this Bachelor at all! I think it was a poor choice by ABC. I also can't believe you went a whole year of no shopping. That should win an award! Happy Wednesday!

  3. LOL!!! Ross doesn't call me baby either....gross! I can't! And I would be shopping for house stuff too...who needs clothes anyway? They are overrated!! wink-wink!

  4. I'm catching up on the Bachelor as I blog and honestly I'm done too. I'm pulling for Nikki just because she's a fellow Missourian :)

  5. You get that house stuff! And then text me endless pictures of everything so I can admire ;)

  6. I have that same hair cutting problem, I grow it out only to want to cut it all off, then regret it when it goes through the awkward growing out phase, sigh. I hate the term Baby too, we don't use it either. So I"m with you on that!

  7. So proud of your no shopping!! Ive been trying to not spend on silly stuff for most of the year and it's been going well! The challenge is fun!

  8. Haha we call each other babe, baby and bear! And strangely enough, bean. ;)
    I have the most comfortable and amazing leopard flats ever from Old Navy. I'm not sure if they still have them available but you should definitely check!


  9. I owned some cheap Target flats that kiiillled my feet and then splurged on the Madewell leopard sidewalk skimmers (which are oh so adorable and do occasionally go on sale). I should really do a year of no shopping like you, it would be a very good thing to cure my habit (I still don't know how you went a whole year though!!)

    1. Also, I 100% agree on the Bachelor! He totally ruined his already shaky image for me in last night's episode (go Andi).

  10. I was wondering if you were going to have a new photo today- I don't blame you...sounds like you are SUPER busy! We are doing some home reno stuff and I am so excited to go to TJ Maxx and The Container Store and spend money on home decor than I am to buy for myself! So fun!

  11. Ugh - I was soooooo excited about Juan Pablo in the beginning...but now I just think hes a D-bag! I have to watch since I came this far....but I'm not excited about it. Boooooo!

  12. I've had zero interest in this season. I just couldn't get into it! Since we bought our house last spring I also have zero interest in shopping for myself. I'd much rather buy things for the house! Right now I have serious spring fever and just want to buy outdoorsy things! Hope you get out and into the new house soon!