Our new master bedroom inspiration...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Our old master bedroom
Since moving day is quickly approaching, I have been scouring Pinterest in search of the latest design inspirations.

In my la-la-land mind, I would love a girly, mostly white, lots of crystal and mirrors, bedroom. I showed Chris this picture and he said, "Ugh, no. Not us, babe...we are like deer heads and dead animals."

Out with my dream bedroom, and in with a bigger does of reality. While the deer heads won't be coming into the bedroom (they are restricted to the man cave/2nd living room), I am keeping Chris in mind during the decoration process this time around. Last time, well, I just did what I wanted and he went along for the ride. 

I feel like we all fall into the category of 'pin a bunch of stuff that is gorgeous, but you would never have in your actual house...' I have tried to pin pictures that I can actually recreate in my completely normal -not Pinterest-dream-world house. 

Here are a few of my favorite pins:

Chris said, "I could dig it..." Possible winner! I love the dark walls with the light bedding. No source.

Talking about the picture above (source: here):

Sarah: Do you like this one? 
Chris: Hmmm, ya? I don't like the chandelier. This isn't a freaking ballroom.

I love this bedroom above. I asked Chris, thinking he would hate it and he surprisingly liked it. Winner, winner! I love how it doesn't look 'perfect', yet it looks completely put together. Source: here.

And then Chris saw me scan over this one on Pinterest and his eyes lit up like he had just spotted the love of his life...yuck. Maybe if we lived in a cabin, but we don't soooo. Source: here.

Maybe I won't consider his opinion in the decoration of this house either...

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Hahaha! You will find your perfect balance! I can't wait to see when you do!

  2. Ugh yeah, that last one wouldn't be my fave either. Hey - did you miss where I linked back to you last weekend?

  3. Love those! They all seem so calm and relaxing

  4. I need to follow you on pinterest, it seems like we are pinning and interested in the same things!! :)

  5. Hahaha I love his reactions! I don't usually ask Mark, I just do it my way. We all know I'll make the best decision for both of us! Can't wait to see pics of the new place!!!

  6. Ugh...I looooove the white bedding! But with 80 lbs of black fur that likes to treat the bed as her personal trampoline and the husband...it wouldn't stay white for long...

  7. This is funny! We just went through the bedroom redo. I wanted all white and even ordered white bedding from PB, but sent it back after I realized how much I'd hate washing it (think - little boys who like to run and jump on it after bathtime!). KT saw some navy and white bedding from Serena and Lilly I pinned and liked it, so we got that. We just painted the walls a pale gray. We need new accessories and white lamp shades, but when that's done, I'll post it. Have fun!

  8. That one with the round mirror above the bed looks stunningly like our master bedroom! Similar headboard, lamps, we even have a darker wall behind our bed (it's an accent wall, though, which I'm really enjoying). We don't have the mirror, though. We've been trying to find something to go above our bed. I just sent that photo to my husband to see what he thought!

  9. Love them all!! I especially love that reading area at the end of the bed.