24 things you don't know about me...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In honor of the day of my birth approaching on Saturday, I decided I would tell you 24 things you probably didn't know about me.

1. I wear my glasses five out of seven days a week. Contact hurt my eyes so bad. When I take my blog pictures, I usually just take my glasses off, so half the time I can't see anything!

2. Every guy I ever dated played baseball. I have a type and I stick to it. Can you blame me?!

3. I learned to drive a standard truck at the age of 12. We lived way out in the country so I drove home everyday when we got to a certain point on our way home. My parents were brave souls.

4. I hate chocolate ice cream.

5. My best friend and I once convinced a guy on AOL instant messanger that we were twins and our dad was a doctor and we both drove really expensive sports cars. We were 10...

6. When Chris and I met we were both dating other people.

7. In 5th grade my teacher accidentally caught my hair on fire when she was lighting a candle for our Christmas party. 

8. I hate all movies except chick flicks.

9. I always wanted to be a doctor, like always. Then something happened and I all of a sudden hated blood. It's not like my second choice of becoming an accountant and getting my MBA was a better choice! Third times and charm and I couldn't be happier being a teacher!

10. I won 1st place in the 4-H cooking competition for green bean casserole....and I'm pretty sure it was the same recipe everyone uses on the back of the Frenches Onions package...

11. I once peed off the second story of my cabin at camp because I was too afraid to walk to the bathroom in the dark. People who went to Camp Longhorn know what I am talking about. No lights...creepy.

12. My braces got ripped off by a blanket two months before they were supposed to be taken off. I know it sounds weird, but I was on a couch with the blanket covering me and my friend ripped the blanket away from me and some-way, some-how a thread caught on my braces and rippp...off they went. I didn't feel a thing.

13. My Mom and I did not get along when I was a teenager. I love her more than anyone, but it is that mother-daughter thing that most families go through! So glad it has passed.

14. I want more than anything to be a mom....to four kids to be exact. 

15. I cry in all sad movies, sad commercials, and sad movies. I can't help it. I can even cry when listening to songs if I think about it too long. 

16. I am blunt. I tell it how it is and that's that. 

17. I am usually the quarterback on every flag football team I have ever played on. People are surprised when this little girl in wedges and a dress can get out there and throw it like a grown man. Thank you college softball...and dad.

18. I was addicted to Trading Spaces when I was younger. I love decorating homes! If I weren't a teacher, I would love to dabble in interior design.

19. I once punched a boy in high school because he purposely dumped a bottle of water in my lap thinking I would take it as a joke. I stood up and clocked him right in the face...then turned around and the principal was staring right at me. I didn't get in trouble at all, and when I think about that I just laugh. What was I thinking?

20. I, and Chris, never drink. We may have one glass of wine/beer a month. I have never been a big drinker, as in I honestly hate it. Everything just tastes so gross. Chris got his drinking out when he was in college, so we are both over it. 

21. I always have my toenails painted. I never have them au-naturel. 

22. As I've gotten older, I am very conscious about always telling myself, "you don't know what they're going through," if someone is rude to me, or does something that I don't agree with. I try to not just assume they are a rude and terrible person, but instead pray for them in whatever their battling in their own life. Does that even make sense?

23. My favorite cereal is Corn Chex. I could eat that stuff for days.

24. I have been blessed beyond measure. I grew up in the country, in a town of 1,500. I came from humble roots and from parents who love my brother and I more than life itself. I have got to experience country life and now city life. I have an amazing husband and along with that came a wonderful new family. I have a great job, great friends, and a great home. I have my health and two wonderful grandparents. I have aunts and uncles who have always spoiled me with love, and gifts! And most of all, I have a God that loves me and had provided for me more than I ever could have imagined.

I have a feeling 24 is going to be a special year!



  1. Love your post so much!! Especially love your #22 :) I was addicted to trading spaces too and also always have my toenails painted... LOL! Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday dear.


  2. So much fun getting to know more about you!! I love that collage wall in your home--too cute girl :)


  3. I think we are twins. Seriously. Separated by many states and a few years! 9, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22 and 24 are all me! haha

    Happy early birthday! I hope your birthday will bring an end to the bidding wars! :)

  4. Awwww love this and yay for 24th birthday this weekend!!! Wait til you turn 25...you really feel it haha..And my outfit pictures...yeah totally blind myself...I'm just too lazy some days to put my contacts in..I always save those for when the hubs and I go out for dinner or a gathering occasion :)

  5. I love all these facts! I too learned to drive a standard at 12! I was living on a small island is hawaii so I had the roads to myself! and I didnt know the glasses part, does that mean all through txsc you couldnt see?? Miss you so much!


  6. Loved every bit of this post! Happy, happy birthday! You are such a sweet person and 24 is going to be amazing for you.

  7. #3... my mom was at both of us for awhile for you letting me drive too! Let me tell you, my driving skill have come a loooong way! <3

  8. Hear you on the baseball players...my guy was a baseball player in high school and college and I love that. :) Also....corn chex....yes, they're my absolute favorite of all time. :)


  9. Why can't I just live next door to your new house and we be besties for life? I wish I could sit here and list all the ones that are so true to me too. Michael laughs when I say this but I really think I am allergic to alcohol. It's terrible. And I'm such a sap but like you, I don't like movies. I haven't seen a movie, in a theater in at least 2 years. YAY FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!

  10. Happy early bday - loving reading all about you!!!! :)