What I would say to my 17 year old self...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear 17 year old Sarah,

Don't worry about getting out of that small town you grew up in. Your time will come and you will be livin' in the Big City in no time.

Why did you highlight your hair so much? I know the zebra stripes were in, but a girl as dark haired as you should have nevaaa. And since we are referring to the picture below, we might as well point out your leg muscles. Just FYI, those stick with you, but the tan...that's long gone. 

Don't stress about your college choice. You ended up turning down UT and A&M for UT Tyler where you met the love of your life. Don't fret, you made the right decision. You get married to your best friend on June 16th, 2012 at the ripe age of 22. I am sure you already knew this, but you DID marry a baseball player. At least one thing you were certain of.  
You and your boyfriend won't get married. You will both happily find other people. See picture above for my happily ever after.

Eat more cheeseburgers because in a couple years they go straight to you bass. Keep ordering dessert at every meal and large coke and chips as an afternoon snack. Snack it up, darlin', snack it up.

Cherish these times living at home with your Mom, Dad, and brother. When you leave for college next year you will never permanently live in that house again. 

That mustang car your Dad surprised you with gets totaled by your friend within two months of being at college.  You weren't even in the car at the time you let them borrow it. You take the blame because you're worried their insurance won't cover it. Everything works out and you get a new car. Dad responds to the news with, "Kids do stupid stuff. It's all good." You knew he wouldn't be mad, you're his little girl.

You graduate college in three short years. Whoa. You also get your Master's Degree although you are still not 100% convinced you chose the right major. 

You will miss basketball so much. The thrill and intensity that comes along with the sport is something you wish softball had. You get your fix playing inter-mural basketball, but you aren't in as great of shape as you used to be. And your shot, well let's just say that killer three-point shot you had, it's gone.

Once you visit NYC at 19, you want to live there. You're determined, and independent, and your parents, of course, tell you that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Oh, then you marry a Texan and you realize you will never live in NYC. Your sweet husband agrees to fulfill your love of the city by sending you there (almost) whenever you want.

Meme's ring that you always dreamed of wearing on your wedding finger? Yah, you got it. And your husband adds to it. He knows you love your bling.

You are tan now, but you won't be forever. You bake in a cancer bed and play softball in the sun and your precious skin is bronzed as all get-out. Well, enjoy that sweetie because days of being permanently pasty are right around the corner.

You start to care less of what others think of you and more about what God thinks of you. You focus less on being judged and more on being yourself. In college, you are a hoot. You don't care what people think of you and you become a more care-free and kind person. And as the above picture shows, you are the best camp counselor ever. Best camp counselor means you party at the dances harder than your campers. Counselor sweating, camper not. Sorry you're not sorry. 

Enjoy going to Camp Longhorn for two weeks each summer. There will come a day when you have to work and camp is a thing of the past. So long "gansta" night and being a care-free counselor. So long two weeks of fun in the sun. So long parents paying for camp and hello to saving for future children to attend camp. The memories and friends you make at camp last forever. Caroline is still one of your best friends. She even comes to your wedding!

Those friends you hang out with on a daily basis? You only keep in touch with two of them. After high school you were committed to leaving that town and never looking back. Alisa and Kirstin are still your besties, don't worry. 

After all you imagined your life would be, you never even dreamed it would be this great. You go though break-ups and make-ups, you make a slew of new friends, land a great job, and marry the guy you thought was a jerk. Most importantly you become more strong in your faith and you continue to have the love and support of your entire family. 

You have so many great things ahead of you, so stay strong. Everything turns out just fine, I promise.

Your 23 year old self


  1. Love it girl, so sweet and you have talked about the tan thing a lot lately...so I know it bothers you a bit. You look great, the color of your hair and the blue of your eyes and I can't even notice your 'pasty white skin' Haha but I know what you mean, I love the look of a healthy glow too. Glad you seem to have such a strong sense of self at just 23, that's quite something, sweet friend.

  2. this is such a great letter! we really are a lot alike :) i worked at a camp too and LOVED it! i also miss the days of being tan :( haha good reminders!


  3. Such a beautiful entry. It made me think of my own life, and my dreams as a high schooler vs. what my life is now. So many things have turned out better than I could've ever dreamed, and I wish I could write myself a letter, letting myself know that everything was going to be okay. :)

  4. Um.... totally might steal this idea. :) LOVE it! And I was right there with you with the whole tanning and blond striped hair! :)

  5. I love the idea behind this post! I definitely relate to some of it. Especially the softball part (I was a pitcher too!) and I do miss the awesome tan I had every spring/summer! :) I'm definitely pasty now!

  6. Aww I love this! It's so funny the things we thought & wanted when we were younger... & then to think & KNOW that God had a plan all along... amazing!

  7. i love this post! Its funny how we think we know exactly what we want at 17, and God shows us His plan just to keep things interesting. what really hit home was how we begin to stop caring what others think, and start focusing on what God thinks. Amen. I had a hard time learning lesson. Sounds like you have ended up precisely where you were meant to Miss Sarah :)

  8. We could totally be BFF's! I love this! I may have to write one of these myself!

  9. haha, love this. Especially love you telling yourself that you need to eat more cheeseburgers and crappy snack food...totally true! And it only gets worse the older you get!

  10. oh I always love the letters to self. so funny, love that you had gangsta counselor night...
    i'd love to invite ya over early to link up on the aloha friday blog hop. i'm literally counting down the hours to friday this week!

  11. Love this! It's true...eat all the junk food while you're young. lol


  12. sarah, this is such a fun idea! if only we could actually do this hey? some many tips and trick would have helped us out in our younger years, lol.

    lindsey @ tinyinklings.blogspot.ca

  13. Girl...you're just awesome :)

  14. So sweet -- I think about this stuff all the time, now that I have a middle-schooler who is already stressing life and being cool and accepted. have a great weekend...glad your hubs is home!

  15. Ohh I love this! It sounds exactly like what my letter to me would sound like. I want to do one!