WIWW: Holiday Party Dress + Link Up

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do you remember seeing this dress {here}? 

I wore this little Target gem to my company Christmas party back in November. Oooo la laaa. 

"Ahhhh-oooooo-eeekkkkk-ummmmm! You didn't really wear that on Wednesday...umumumumummmmm!"

I have been getting that comment a lot lately...you can read {here} all about WIWW and how I don't always actually wear that outfit on Wednesday.

Being that I have been in Colorado a lot lately {here and here} I have not had much time to dress up in anything other than...well, ski clothes! And ski clothes are not worthy of a WIWW post! 

It was as though the WIWW angels were singing today because our office manager emailed me these pictures. The light clicked and this WIWW post was born. 

Chris hasn't been feeling well, I have been living out of a suitcase {we are going to Boston next week!}, and with work and grad school picking up, I ran out of time to put together another outfit to photograph! Phew, I need to slow down...eventually! I can sleep when I die, right?

I am also planning a whole post dedicated to my closet and how I organized it for this year. Since I am going a whole year without buying clothes, I am trying really hard to not repeat anything until I have gone through everything once. Yes, I probably have enough clothes to only wear once, hence why the challenge is so important to me {that was seriously hard to admit}.

Dress: Target for $11.58
 Bubble Necklace: Southern Affair Boutique $42 *this was before they were so popular and cheap!
Isn't my date handsome? He had just gotten of work and ran to shower and come to the party. His smile gets me every time. I adore him.

Now for the link parrrtayyyy. I love to party. Especially when it involves fashion!

Here are the rules...because no party is a party without rules :)

- Follow Alisa and I via GFC. Please and thanks.
- Link up any outfit post. You heard right, any outfit! No linking to your homepage :)
- Link back using the button below or linking within.
- Have fun and meet some pretty ladies!

Linking up with Because Shanna Said So, The Pleated Poppy, and Rolled Up Pretty


  1. first- I love that dress. second- people have actually called you out as to whether or not you wore something that Wednesday? ahahaha does anybody? Be kinda hard to post these at 7 am if we were really wearing them that day. Third- Boston. Woot. Woot. You already know how excited I am about this trip. You can visit my niece and give her Maddie kisses;) haha

  2. Cute pic - I love this dress! I need to get caught up! I knew you went to Colorado once, but not a second time, that's awesome! I'm possibly going with my brother and his girlfriend at the end of February, hoping it all works out cuz I LOVE skiing!

  3. Love your target dress & bubble necklace! I am SO impressed you are going to go a whole year without buying clothes!! I can't wait to hear about your Boston trip, you will have so much fun!! Have a great Wednesday Sarah!

  4. awesome outfit!! love target and that dress is so cute on you and love the pop of color from the bubble necklace, you look great in this outfit!

  5. Okay, I knew you were on a freeze, but for a whole year???? Girl, I am wishing you all the best. Dear Lord, I would die. But, I probably need to do it...I could probably rack up a nice college fund for my girls. ;) Love that dress. I wanted that one, but I got the black and white one instead because yours was sold out. BOO!

  6. Cute as always pretty girl!! Yes, please show us how you are organizing your closet!!

  7. This is great! A whole year with no new clothes? I don't know that I could handle that!

    I guess it's time for me to start doing some fashion posts so I can link up!

  8. You guys are so cute together! I love your dress! And less than 12 bucks? That is AWESOME.

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