Tuesday Tune Up: My New Series!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tune Up, what in the heckle is that?!
Well I just came up with it, my friend! Ya see, since I declared to y'all my 2013 resolution (also known as "the challenge"), I feel like I should document my outfits throughout the year. 
I know I do a weekly What I Wore Wednesday post, but this will be a less formal version, a 'Tune Up' if you will. Less formal as in it will be a compilation of Instagram (@sarahtuckerup) photos I have taken the past week of my #ootd (outfit of the day). It is super easy to grab my phone as I am running calmly walking out the door every morning on time and snap a quick pick of my outfit for that day. 
Obviously I stay in my Pj's all weekend, so the Tuesday Tune Up will consist of my outfits from the previous Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday. If, iffff I feel frisky on the weekends and venture out, I will try to remember to snap an outfit pic! 
At the end of 2013 I hope to look back and see what pieces I wore frequently, what pieces were rarely brought out to shine, and see how I remix different items. I think it will be awesome to see hundreds of outfits throughout the year, all put together with a wardrobe that I already had. 
I can't wait to pull out pieces I have worn once and mix them with pieces I never would have never thought! Pinterest is my go-to. I know that some outfits may be epic failures, but as long as I don't go to work naked, I can wear what I want - matching or not!
BY THE WAY: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the sweet comments and emails about my resolution. All the prayers and positive thoughts are truly appreciated. Y'ALL will be what gets me through this year and I am SO EXCITED (seriously ecstatic ) about bringing y'all on this adventure with me and documenting the good, the bad, the ugly along the way. Y'all rock!
Wednesday, January 2nd
Blazer: Target // Black Skinnies: Banana Republic // Aldo Flats

Thursday, January 3rd
Cardigan: Forever 21// Blouse: Target// Jeans: Marshalls// Boots: Nordstrom
Friday, January 4th
Top: Banana Republic// Scarf: Flea Market// Mustard Skinnies: Target// Flats: Ross
Monday, January 7th
Blouse: Vintage Cottage// Sweater: Hand Me Down// Dark Jeans: Banana Republic// Flats: Ross
I am so excited to keep y'all updated on Tuesday's. Follow me on IG (@sarahtuckerup) to get a peek at what I wear throughout the week. 

Remember, I am ALWAYS open to suggestions on outfit! Pleasepleaseplease help me...a year of no clothes is a long time and I will take all the remixin' I can get!

Happy Tuesday!

PS: Bachelor anyone?! Besides Sean and him being a good 'ol Texas boy, can we talk about FiftyShades girl? And the poor girl who didn't quite complete her back bend? Ha, poor thing!! Dare we talk about the insane amount of alcohol running through those girls' blood? It is going to be a great season! Not going to lie, I read the spoilers, but it still makes for an exciting show!

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  1. fifty shades girl. hahahaha How bad would that suck to forever be "ohhhh, you're the 50 shades girl" and my favorite part was at the end, when she was doing her thing and quips "Don't be mad, Mom" Yea, my mom wouldn't be mad, just beyond humiliated. Haha

  2. Loving all of your outfits! That teal blazer from Target would look amazing with some white skinnies, too!! I've got a pair, if you'd like borrow! ;)
    Let's plan on an outfit (or two) switch-a-roo!


    1. I have some white jeans (they just need to be dry cleaned)....but of course I'd love to switch-a-roo!!

      PS: So happy we had a date last night!

  3. Sarah - just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go check out my blog (www.theauntbe.blogspot.com) to see it!

  4. I've thought about documenting my (boring) wardrobe too, to get some inspiration when I'm feeling bored with my clothes. Let me know how this works out for you!! And oh my gosh, Sean's girls... they could and should just cut it down to about 5 right now!

  5. Your outfits are too cute, I want to recreate them for myself :)


    1. Thanks girl! Go for it! If you do, send me what you come up with!! I'd love to compare them and show people the different ways to style the same pieces!!

  6. Well this is fun!! Love the outfits so far and I am jealous you have mastered the iPhone ootd selfie. I can NOT do it for some reason.

  7. i'm loving all of the outfits from this week!

  8. First week seems like it was a success, congrats :) BTW I feel the same way about leaving in the morning and often have days like that...I am excited to see your wardrobe of things worn once remixed!

    1. The first week was great! Thanks for tagging along on the journey!

  9. you are doing great so far!!! One of the things I always suggest when someone is trying to re-tune their wardrobe (and I have to remind myself of often too) is to consider strange color combinations- like that teal blazer would look great with navy, or even purple or mustard. Leopard print is a great neutral too and goes with just about anything!

    Another thing I learned was that sometimes wearing certain items in new ways (like a dress as a skirt or a shirt) was a fun way to get more wear out of my wardrobe too.

    Have you ever heard of Kendi Everyday? a few years ago, she did a 30 for 30 series where she took 30 items from her closet and wore only those 30 items for 30 days and made some great outfits from them! It may be great for inspiration. You could probably find links on her blog. I actually participated in it twice back when I was wardrobe blogging!