WHAT in the world is that...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...on Sarah's iPhone?!

Let me let you in on a little secret. I hardly ever pre-write my posts. I just write them every night...whatever comes to mind I write it. Sometimes I am in a funny mood, sometimes not so much. Sometimes I like my post, sometimes ehhh, not so much. 

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching American Idol {I was supposed to be doing my homework, shhhh!} with my computer in my lap, totally clueless on what I was going to write about.

I have been traveling SO much that I have had NO time to DIY anything. I barley get myself ready in the morning...do you really think I have time or energy to be messin' around with spray paint and hot glue guns? I don't think so, man!

Here is how my day goes:
Wake up at 6:30am...lay in bed until 7... sometimes longer...don't judge.
Work all day until 5:45-6...depending on how long I take for lunch.
Come home. Change clothes. Play with the dogs. Figure out what we are having for dinner.
Start dinner around 7:00pm.
I usually cook in silence. Just me and the pups. My brain is go-go-go all day so the silence is nice.
Chris gets home around 7:30pm and he gets sent straight to the shower. He is dir-tayyy!
We eat around 7:45-8:00pm depending on what I am whippin' up.
We are finished eating around 8:30pm and we just relax for a bit. 
Finally we get up and put the dishes in the dishwasher...sometimes. We at least rinse them off...
By this time it is 9:00pm, aka Chris's bed time...and sometimes mine. 
Most nights I stay up and watch some show I've DVR'd...usually reality TV, duh.
After I "Tuck" Mr. Tucker in, I curl up on the couch with my computer and the TV on.
Now is my time to do my homework, work, or blog. 
Usually it is all three at some point throughout the night. 
I usually go to bed around midnight or 1:00am. 
Sorry Mom, I'll start going to bed earlier. 

Where I was going with that is that last night I was procrastinating my homework...doesn't everyone do that?!

I was just browsing my phone during a commercial and realized that I have some pretty funny pictures stowed away on my phone. As in pictures that are yearsss old. Ding, ding, ding!

Since I have no DIY projects, outfits, or stories locked away in my blog vault I decided that this post would be about what in the heck is hiding on Sarah's phone.

Some of these might be embarrassing, but everyone needs a good laugh!

Here we go...

Ladies, be jealous. I married this hottie. I took this picture about two year ago while at the mall. He sure is special :)

Here is the wedding dress that gave me "the moment" every bride hopes for. This was "the one"...until I went to another boutique and found  "the one" that was super similar...and honestly the ladies were nicer at the second shop. I sure don't regret the dress I bought. I lu-uuuuvvv it! I will say this style of dress was not what I was going for. After I tried on a few "poofy" dresses, I decided the cupcake look was not for me!

This is what you come across at your apartment in college on a random snow day. Legit. 

Of course this would happen to me at 5:55pm on a Friday afternoon. So strange. I was driving to Chris's parents house last year where there was construction. Heard a weird noise. Got to the driveway and saw this. How, why, seriously?! I left it for the night and woke up on Saturday and the tire was still inflated. After much banging and prying, the odd rod was removed and I drove to get a new tire...because the tire tread was obviously damaged. Bum-mer.

Gotta test drive the tub before you buy it, right?!

So proud of this kid. Seriously, words can't describe it. 

You know you're a redneck when...
 your Dad wears a "suit" to look like the "driver" for my brother's junior prom last year...and there is a buck hanging on your living room wall.

My Mom's besties surprised her with a crown and a cake. I got this picture sent to me... princess MJ.

Bye, bye Tyler. Hello Dallas! Chris was sooo pumped to be driving this truck! I know I say it all the time, but isn't he too freakin' cute?!

Just some quality bro/sis time. 
Ha! I don't know why, but I laugh out loud every time I see this picture.  

Just a date at the Love Shack with one of my besties, Des. This was a week before I got hitched. She was my "hott date" on my last free weekend. No worries, the bachelorette party took place the week before this. She is seriously the sweetest person, ever. 

Does this picture need a caption?! Abby trying on her headband for my wedding. Most adorable flower girl to ever sit in a Bumbo! I love this child to death! 

My beautiful sis-in-law and I at Chris's graduation. So happy she came as a package deal with Chris!

Just catchin' a Ranger's game. Basically our favorite spring/summer activity. Even if it means sweating until you look as though you peed your pants...

Kauai anyone? Next flight leaves tonight? Anyone?

Just a photobooth pic of us being normal. I wear huge glasses and Chris's facial hair grows below his mouth?...strange placement, honey...

I used to wear my Meme's hats all.the.time. I think I rocked them, if I do say so myself.

Just a regular lunch break...until you meet Shaq!! Sorry for the blurr, but I felt weird asking for another picture!

So I met Shaq AND was on Good Morning America. I am basically famous! If you didn't already know...I am obsessed with NYC. Love. That. City. Alisa and I woke up at the crack of dawn to be the first at the set...we were the second. Oh well! We got plenty of air time! Owww owww!

Sooo...this one time in college...when Chris and his bff came across a random boat on the side of the road for sale...and they decided to buy it...and they had these huge dreams of one day making it float again...until they decided the project was too large...and the boat sat in the back yard for six months...and they got smart and decided to scrap it for money. I had to let him live and learn...he learned not to buy a boat with a rotten bottom...and that moving a boat of that size around required some intense tree manipulation...and I don't think he will ever be doing that again.

My pea-sized body won those huge trophies. Little Miss California 1990 right there. Did I just giveaway my age? YIKES...I just made some people feel old :)

There are about 643616546 pictures of Wrigley, in this exact pose, on my phone. This is the only way the kid sleeps. We shall call him Sleeping Wrigley.

Andddd one year for Christmas I popped out of a box! A giant gold box! Is it weird that I still remember helping my Mom make this box? She is SO creative! 

The family that wears Snuggies together, stays together. My Aunt and Uncle got everyone a Snuggie for Christmas. Yes, I use mine almost everyday. Best. invention. ever. 

These two melt my heart. Look at the smile on that big brother's face! Can't believe he is in kindergarten and she is already 15 months! Noooo!

Daddy's little girl...life father like daughter. We make my Mom proud :)

I miss this lady each and every day. She is my guardian angel. Love you, Meme. 

Spoiled rotten. And to think he came from the pound...and ends up sleeping on leather couches...

"Aunt Lauren, I am lookin' at you. Moooove!"

The resemblance of these pictures is crazy. Anyone agree?!

Two happy big sisters. Two sleepy little brothers! 

I seriously just compared a picture of myself to my dog...oh lawwwdy.

Just my Bailey-girl all smiles at the vet! She knows treats are in her future!

And back to the spoiled subject. From a Walmart parking lot to 1000 count sheets and a plush pillow. Oh, and don't forget the fan on the low setting whispfully flowing her gorgeous locks. Geeez.

There it is...a large photo dump of dusty old pictures just clogging up storage on my phone. 

The memories they bring back are worth keeping them...although eventually my phone storage will run out...in that case I will do one GIANT post with all 1,000+ of my photos...just kidding! I wouldn't do that to you, or to me! 

Happy Thursday everybody!



  1. I love these kind of posts!! So many great and fun memories!! I love all the puppy pictures and the one of you & your little brother compared to the pups made me laugh :) Very similar...except for the hair :) Hope you have a great day!!

  2. Love this post, so awesome to have such great memories. Yes you did make me feel old, thanks for that, but young at heart, at least that's what I'll keep telling myself.

  3. Great post. I loved reading through it.

  4. "A family that snuggies together stays together" ha ha that is priceless!! Awesome post, I love going back through my phone and looking at old pictures, always a good time!!

    1. Hahahh we love our snuggies! Isn't it a great time?! I love the memories it brings back!

      Have a great day!!

  5. Haha! I quite love this post :) Going through iphone pics is hilarious sometimes!