Tuesday Tune Up + Tip for Traveling to Boston!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ok, I will be the first to admit that my blog is getting boring. I mean...this one time, in Tucker Up land, Sarah wrote about a variety of things like house projects, recipes, life, plus fashion and a plethora of other topics. And now, well all that dang brunette writes about is her dogs and her New Year's resolution!! Geeezzz!

I know, I know. Mondays: Weekend Wrap
Tuesdays: Tuesday Tune Up
Wednesday: WIWW
Thursday: Your one variety post of the week
Friday: Insta Friday

Can I get a bor-ringgg? 

Variety keeps people coming back, people interested, ME interested! 

To be 100% honest, I have been extremely busy and keeping this blog routine is easy, stress-less. 

I have this anxious feeling about the following happening all at once: the busy tax season approaching (February 1st to be exact), plus my last semester of graduate school, being a wife, this cute little bloggy-blog, and life in general. It is all almost overwhelming me.

I have been really great - suprisingly - lately at managing my time, which has helped ease the pain of the weight of bricks on my shoulders. 

Let me just say that I promise to keep things fresh, new, around this little space of internet. I have a fantab (is that a word? yes that is a word, duh!) recipe, closet organization tips and reveal, outfits, and tons of family pictures just waiting to make their debut from my blog vault. The problem is time.

When I have time, I don't feel like uploading pictures, editing them, downloading them, and then writing about them. I would rather love on my furbabies, and pay attention to my husband. We won't be young and kid-less forever...so now is the time to soak it all in. I choose movie dates over blogging, and a game of fetch over writing about a game of fetch. Sorry.

My rule from now on is that blog comes second to all. Second to work (this should be a given), second to homework (even though blogging is way better than organizational development and project management), second to my furbabies, and most importantly, second to my husband. The man I love and adore and whom I need to pay attention to...because he is needy...he gets it from his dad, for real, no joke. And I love giving him attention because he truly is my best friend.

With all that said, I apologize for my repetitive posts, but I PROMISE that once busy season is over in April, and I am graduated with my master's in May (happy dance!), I will be sure to have more time on my hands to dedicate to this blog without having to sacrifice time with those who deserve my attention.  

Now that that seriousness is behind us (Tuesday is way to early in the week to be that serious!) let's move onto another repetitive post, shall we?

Y'all, my NY resolution has been going amazing! God is good! I went to Target and had NO sense of urgency to go browse the clothes section. It was literally a miracle!

Here are my outfits from the last week!

Tuesday, January 15th
Scarf: Gift// Sweater: Limited// Trouser Jeans: Banana Republic// Flats: Market Days Booth

Wednesday, January 16th
Blouse: Loft// Cardigan: Target// Jacket: Target// Slacks: Banana Republic// Necklace: F21// Heels: Ross

Thursday, January 17th
Blouse: Loft// Jeans: Marshalls// Boots: Steve Madden at Dillard's

Friday, January 18th
Blouse: Target// Cardigan: Nordstrom// Jeans: Banana Republic// Flats: Target

Sunday, January 20th
Shirt: Pi Phi tee from my SIL// Boxers: Buc-ees stolen from my hubs// Slippers: I honestly have no idea...seriously...blame it on college...

Monday, January 21st
Shirt: Target// Cardigan: F21// Jeans: Marshalls// Boots: Steve Madden at Dillard's// Neckalce: Gift from Aunt
Another week down! Woo hoo! Once you see my closet you will see why I did this challenge :)

I hope each week I can bring y'all new outfits and y'all can help me mix and match the items I have! Input is highly encouraged!

Moving forward...

To add to my already cray-cray busy schedule, Chris and I are headed to Boston on Friday!! What for, you ask? Because we are young and in love and isn't that what newlyweds are supposed to do? Travel on a whim without a care in the world?!

Well that is what we are doing! 

I have never been to Boston. Chris has, but we are equally excited! We can't wait to go back in the spring and catch the Rangers whoppin' the Red Sox boo-tay :)

So here is where YOU come in. We need tips and tricks and the ins and outs of Boston!

Even though Chris has been...he is a guy...which equates to "along for the ride."

Maddie has been amaze-balls (as Giuliana Ransic would say) with emailing me tips about the city! Thanks Maddie!! You're the best!

If anyone else has anything thing to add, here is what we like to do:

Ummm we love food, and fun, and food, and ummm did I mention food?! 

Leave me a comment telling me what we MUST see on our four-day-getaway!

Have a great Tuesday!!

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Love you all!!


  1. You are too darn cute! I wish we lived closer together and you could take me shopping! I always love your outfits!!!

  2. GF you are speaking to my heart!! I totally get and also feel so overwhelmed some times! The whole uploading and editing pictures just really drives me nuts some times but I love the blog so much so I just power through. I need to also be spending more time with the hubs and the pup and putting them first. Love this, thank you for being honest and sharing your thoughts!

  3. I'm with you! Sometimes it's hard to come up with fresh, original content & there's a sort of pressure (I feel) to have a blog post up 5 days a week. Sometimes (a lot of times here lately) that just doesn't happen. I feel lucky to get 3 up a week. HA! I think everyone knows, or should know, that we each have personal lives outside of our blogs & those personal lives come first & foremost!

  4. My hubby was in boston for 2 weeks in October, and he is heading back there for a week or so on Sunday. He said to check out the Union Oyster House and have the Clam Chowder, apparently it is a boston staple. He also said if youre in downtown, stop somewhere and get a canoli. Their are several shops down there that are good. I hope you guys have a great time!

    1. Thank you for those suggestions! You're the best! You can bet we will be getting a canoli :) YUM!

      Have a great day!!

  5. I feel the same way about blogging lately. But I like your rule. Second to all! :) Love your cheetah flats. Get in my closet!