Firmoo Specs {product review}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Firmoo and was asked if I wanted to try out a FREE pair of glasses. Ummm, duh! It was just as perfect as timing could get since my old glasses were a veryyy old prescription. Like veryyy old. Anywhoo, Firmoo does this awesome thing {the First Pair Free program} where your first pair of glasses are FREE <-- yes, FREE, you just pay shipping. Need prescription glasses or just want some fashion specs, free free free.

I got my glasses in {I chose these in black} and was giddy with excitement. La-het me tell you something: I have worn these glasses I am in LOVE with them! Seriously! They fit my face perfectly {in my good 'ol opinion} and I love how they are so fun and trendy! Firmoo does this ah-mazing thing where you can upload a picture of yourself onto their website to virtually try on the glasses before purchasing them. Yah, I totally did that!

Here is what Firmoo has to say:
The old opinion that glasses are only necessities for people with vision problems has already gone. Glasses are increasingly becoming a fad and must-have accessories for  celebs and fashionistas. Everyday we can spot millions of non prescription glasses wearers and we are constantly fascinated by many noted film stars’ signature non prescription glasses.They instantly upgrade your look of modern,sexy, vintage or geek by wearing different styles of frames.
Any hot glasses/sunglasses /goggles frames you want can be found on Firmoo, and all are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses. Are you desperate to have a new look? Now here is the chance, Firmoo has launched a First Pair Free Program to people  worldwide. You will absolutely fall in love with the excellent quality, affordable prices, fashionable designs, fast delivery and the good service after trying them with paying shipping only! You even can get a refund/exchange if you are not satisfied with them. It's totally Risk free, so why not have a try? 

Seriously peeps, why not give it a try?! You will not be disappointed. They are great glasses, and at such an affordable price I can now have multiple pairs. I mean a girl has to have options, right?!

If you have any questions about Firmoo you can head here. The Firmoo team is quick to respond to emails and a pleasure to work with!

Now go get to buying! Click here to get your shop on!

And now for a photo shoot to show off these spectacular specs. Photos courtesy of my lovely husband who loves the sounds of a camera clicking so he takes a bazillion pictures. I apologize in advance.

Hope everyone had a fab first day of 2013!!



  1. Oh my goodness, I'm in love. Totally going and getting a first pair.

  2. They're so cute! They go perfect with your face shape! Good choice.