Weekend Wrap: Exciting Stuff!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Well hello there, Wrigley-I-Like-To-Peer-Between-My-Mom's-Legs, how are you doing?

How can your weekend not be off to a great start when you see this face?! If Bailey didn't hate the camera I'd be able to show you how adorable she is. Every time I whip out (yes I literally whip it) my phone to snap a pic she puts her head down, or tuns away in the "I'm too good for this" manner. That girl ain't stupid. She hates pictures...boo.

Wrigley, on the other hand paw, L-O-V-E-S the camera. Seriously, camera hog. 

As you can't tell from the picture above my weekend was off to a comfy start. Yes, those blue striped pants are my pajama pants. Sorry for those of you who thought that, because of my New Year's resolution, I'd whipped out my business pants circa 1970. I hate really hate to disappoint, only PJs. 

At approximately 4:30pm (I left work early...pretty soon I'll be working 80 hours a week...that half hour I left early will be made up on February 1st, yay me.) on Friday I got home and instantly - I mean bags hit the ground and Sarah got to runnin' - ran to the bedroom and put on my comfy clothes. After traveling to Colorado for the last two weeks (two different trips: here and here) it was nice to just be able to be home...and have no plans.

Chris hadn't been feeling well all week so, sadly, we declined a game night with our friends. We stayed in and had a frozen pizza...yes I was seriously being that lazy. 

We sat around and ate pizza, for the fourth time last week, chit-chatted, and were literally in bed by 8:00pm...I'd bet to say we I was gone by 8:15pm. The exhaustion from traveling had finally caught up. Holidays, Colorado, work, Colorado, grad school, work...oh and don't forget about life in general and the sick husband...I was pooped.

I woke up (could have slept longer) naturally at 5:30am (to pee...because that is when Chris wakes me up to tell me he is leaving during the week), and then at 7:30am (when I eventually wake up for work) on Saturday morning. I laid in bed until 8:30am doing nothing but Facebook stalking people on my phone, reading people.com on my phone, and reading an absurd amount of tweets...on my phone. I tell Chris I am "letting my eyes adjust" when he asks why I have been laying in bed for an hour with the phone .022586 inches from my face. He buys it every time ;)

My flowers Chris bought me last week looked gorg...when I finally rolled out of bed and made it to the kitchen to see them. I love the color...and the fact that they aren't roses. Did I ever mention that I am not a fan of roses? We won't go into much detail, but I just can't get over the cheesiness of the rose. Sorry for those that love roses...

Yes, I know, my wedding bouquet was coral roses. It started as peonies, then hydrangeas, then I started to feel nauseous at the thought of spending that much money (I am an accountant, remember?) on flowers that I don't care about...and I changed my bouquet to roses four days before my wedding. And I don't regret it at all because I honestly don't even remember holding my bouquet...and that is all the flowers are for! 

Moving on to the Tucker's nutritional breakfast. Healthy frozen pizza for dinner, and an even healthier breakfast. We sure are starting 2013 off right with a cavity and five extra pounds! Yeee haw!

It was delicious if anyone was wondering. Pillsbury knows what they're doin' with the cinnamon roll. 

After we loaded up on sugar and more sugar, we headed to the movies to see This is 40. Hil-air-reee-uss! Isn't my close-eyed hubs adorable? He gave in and saw this movie. His vote was Jake Reacher?! Ummm, no thanks! I am a chick-flick/comedy girl all.the.way. You can't pay me to watch a movie with anything fake (ie: Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, etc.). I know, go ahead and yell at me...I've heard it for years. "Sarah, those are great movies! You're crazy!" I have just never-ever been interested in anything other than a comedy or chick-flick. Luckily Chris loves all movies, so he caves to his wife's liking. What a sweet husband (read: he did put up a fight though!).

I posted this picture on IG (@sarahtuckerup) last week. See how the shirts are separated? I am putting the clothes (except pants) on one side of the rack, and the shirts left to be worn on the other side. This weekend I was determined to organize my closet and get things in order. 

Clothed in my Buc-ee's boxers, night shirt, and slippers I was ready to tackle the closet. Dun, dun, dunnnn.

Sorry that you had to put on sunglasses to view the picture above. I used the filter that made my legs somewhat tolerable. Had I left the picture with no filter, you'd be calling me to tell me you were now blind because of my white legs. No more tanning beds for this girl...and ghostly legs are the result. Yikes!  

And this, ladies, is why I decided that I am not shopping for 2013. This is not even all my shoes. It is sad to me that there are children, and adults, who are thrilled to have one pair of shoes (remember the girl that was my angel off the angel tree at Church? Read here.), yet my greedy butt was somehow always wanting more. SARAH! You have over 70 pairs of shoes...WHY would you need more?!?!? See the very left side of the picture...where part of a clear bucket is sticking out? Yes, that entire bucket is FULL of shoes...ahhh. What's sad is that I was never content with having 70+ pairs of shoes. God, you're good, man. I am learning from this challenge every.single.day. Amen to that!

A full closet organization post is hitting the blog this week! I will show you how I organized my clothes, shoes, etc. It is nice to have an organized closet going into this challenge... I came across so many items I had forgotten I had. Again, sad. Stay tuned!

After a hard days work of organizing, I treated myself to a Starbucks...Trenta!!! This baby is bigger than a Venti! I had just finished checking out at Target after grocery shopping and decided I needed a Starbucks. Isn't it great that Target has Starbucks in it?! Greatest decision ever, Target! I walked over and ordered my Venti tea and whatdoyaknow...the barista (such a fancy word, right?) said, "We are out of Venti cups, so I am giving you a Trenta for the price of a Venti." Wowza! She concocted my tea and sent me on my way. And, as you would guess, I had to pee the moment I got home. That is a lot of tea, people!

Can I add one thing? I went to Target for the first time in my life and wasn't even tempted to go look at clothes, shoes, or accessories. I was in shock as I left the store. Not even one ounce of my being felt like I needed to be on "that" side of the store. God is seriously stirring up something in my heart...and I like it! 

That was the first of many temptations I am going to encounter this year, and if every one is as simple as that, this challenge will prove to truly be life changing. 

Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend! 

Happy Monday, MLK Day :)

Do you have today off? I'll be at work...so go have some fun for me!



  1. I do the 'letting my eyes adjust' thing every morning. The hubs gets SO mad. Listen, its how I wake up buddy!

    I am so excited to see your clothes organization!!!

    I snagged some Starbucks at Target as well the other day...genius idea.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, 8pm bedtime & all! That was us Saturday night! HAHA!

  3. Ahhh! Retina-destroying white legs here, too. And the head-between-the-legs-where-you-MUST-pet-me move is a favorite of my pup...but hey, go with what works. :)

  4. You have been one busy little bee...I just reorganized my closet and it's a mess again. You have inspired to be better with not buying. Granted I can't completely ban myself from shopping for the whole year, I have gotten much better with spending and haven't been buying nearly as much as I normally would. And those pups...LOVE those little faces.

  5. So, yes, the trenta is fabulous! I discovered that last summer when they said "it's only 30 cents more!". Well, duh. Our dog has that same hog chew toy and it's the loudest, most annoying, yet somehow funniest toy she has. And I too dislike roses, go figure. Your flowers are beautiful!


  6. Can't wait to see how your closet organization how to! & that outfit with the Beaver boxers=greatness! Just found your blog, fellow outskirt Dallas liver, can't wait to follow!!

  7. I love Friday nights like yours! Sometimes at the end of the week it is so nice to do absolutely nothing :) I completely agree and can't stand Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones, etc....no thanks!! I am so excited to see your closet post! Mine is in desperate need of some attention! I need to drag (I mean ask) my husband to see This is 40, it looks so good!! Hope you had a great Monday friend!

  8. Can't wait to read your closet organizing post.. I need some good tips! And I am pretty sure PJ's were the weekend uniform for everyone. :) I don't even think I am home from work for more than 10 min before I am in my comfy clothes for the night lol.

    1. Oh girl, we are in the same boat! I get home and head straight for the PJs! Drafting the closet post and should have it ready by next week!

      Have a wonderful evening :)

  9. hahahaha letting your eyes adjust! I am totally the same. I love waking up and checking everything online out for a while...And YOUR SHOES! omgsh! hahahahahaha

  10. Haha I love your outfit you wore to clean out your closet! I wear the most ridiculous combinations of clothes when I'm lounging around the house!

  11. Wow, you made it in and out of Target without buying 900 other things? You are now my hero. :)

    Thanks for linking up with us on Life Lately this week!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle