Tuesday, January 22, 2013

- This man is my best friend. Seriously. Not only can he make me the happiest girl in the world, but he can really piss me off sometimes....then he does this ridiculous dance (honey, you know what I am talking about!) and then I giggle uncontrollably and I reeeeally want to still be mad, but I can't. He definitely has my heart.

- I have always wanted to be a cosmetologist. I want to do hair and make up all day long. 

- I would move to NYC yesterday if I could afford an apartment bigger than my closet in Texas. Therefore, we will be staying in Texas. 

- I want an English Bulldog, badly, but the thought of paying over a thousand dollars for a dog when so many need to be adopted pains me. Plus we already have two mutts that rule our world. We would hate to mess with the vibes we already have goin'. 

- I knew my whole life I would marry a baseball player. Everyone has their "style" and mine was baseball boys. It had a couple strike outs, but I ended up with a  grand slam (like how I tied that together? pat on the back for me! haha!)

- I used to be really worried about what other people thought about me. Then I grew up and realized that I have my quality friends who love me no matter what. That was that. 

- I want a Range Rover. I know call me materialistic, blah, blah, blah, but no one said I was ever getting one. I just want one really bad. Honey?

- I want four kids. Period.

- My Meme was one of the most important people in my life and I miss her daily. I am still coping with her loss. It is tough, no doubt about that. 

- If you talk to one of my best friends they will tell you that I am the girl they go to when they want honest advice. Right, Desirae?? Honesty is the best policy and lying to those close to you is no bueno. I may be blunt, but I am honest.

- I have really weird thoughts that someone is going to come in the house and get me after Chris leaves for work in the mornings. Even though we have an alarm system, two dogs, and a gun by the bed (Chris has his CHL, no worries peeps.) I still freak. Like yesterday, I woke up at 5:30am when he told me goodbye because the horrible thought were consuming my brain. Ugh.

- Reality TV is my weakness.

- I have never actually gone on a diet.

- I once ran a half marathon and hated every minute of it. 

- I went to Camp Longhorn and so did Hilary and Haylie Duff, and the Bush twins. Pretty cool if you ask me.

- I am not afraid to speak in front of a crowd or act goofy at the drop of a hat. I am usually the first one on the dance floor and drag some unwilling human out there with me.

- I love God and all that He has given me. I need to worship Him more and be more obedient in scripture. I am working on it.

- I once got accused of putting gum in a girl's hair in first grade. I honestly didn't do it. 

There ya have it...a whole bunch of rando facts that you probably didn't need to know!

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  1. Found your blog from the linkup!

    My fiance trained our dog to bark at the slightest hint that someone might be lurking outside if it's just me & the dog in the house in hopes it would calm my anxiety when he leaves for work. Nope. The second he leaves I am 100% convinced that all the murderers are like "finally! Time to go get Staci now!"

    Early-morning infomercials are my best friends these days!

  2. What fun facts! My style was soccer guys, and yep, I married one! :-)

  3. P.S. Have you ever looked into English Bulldog rescue groups? We have two full bred Bichon Frises and they are both rescues. :-)

  4. I can relate so much to what you said about your meme. My grandma (who I also called meme :)) passed away not too long ago and I wrote a similar post. Still so hard.

  5. Nice facts. Gotta say I'm with you on when your spouse leaves the house. I literally will keep every single light on in the house until he comes home. Now that I have a kid, I pretend it's no big deal in front of him, but deep down I'm freaking out and always trying to figure out where I'm going to hide if someone comes to get me, or my nearest escape route.

  6. I love this post. Lets us know a little more about you!

    It's too funny too because I live near NYC and I want to live in TX! You always want what you do not have! :)

    xx L

  7. Woah, hello gorgeous couple! I have nothing major to comment on here other than I just spent the last 30 minutes searching through your blog (stalker?! Probably...) and I'm in love with y'all. Final answer.

  8. I love this post!! So fun getting to know you! I too, married a baseball player... they are definitely the BEST!

    1. Thank you!! Baseball butts...mmmm. Did I say that?! Hahah!

  9. Love learning more about you!! I need to go do this!!

  10. Y'all are too cute!! And I'd love to be a makeup artist!! I can't do other people's hair though... lol

  11. Bulldogs, Range Rovers and NYC ?? Yes. We could be best friends for suurreee.

    Follow bacckkk :)

    1. Three of my favorite things! When I get a break from my cray-cray life I am headed over to check out your bloggy-blog...because you know food is the way to my heart!!

  12. I love your facts and I am a new follower from the linkup! Can't wait to get to know you better! :)

  13. I have the exact same feelings about an English Bulldog - I'm obsessed with them and want one so bad. However, I can't stomach that amount of money especially when there are so many other dogs that could use our love at the pound.

  14. Love these facts!! I feel the same about the bulldogs-I do have some friends that have some so I get my fix from them but they are oh so cute. Well, not as cute as bassets :)