What's in my bag || The truth

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I love seeing what other people have in their bags. Sometimes I think, "Who the heck thinks they need to have (fill in the blank) in their purse?!" while other times I think, "I need to carry one of those (fill in the blank) with me." Either way, it is always interesting to see what is behind the walls of a purse.

If you're my husband, you call my purse "the black hole" and if you were my purse, you would hate me. My purse is synonymous with: Sarah's trashcan, Sarah's place for everything, Sarah's suitcase, etc.

So, because I'm not good at faking anything, I'll just be real and show you exactly what's in my purse. Sometimes I think it is a relief to know that someone else in the world had 87 receipts, four wads of chewed gum in the wrapper, and a billion other random things in their purse....and they don't even have kids yet. Yikes.

Starting on the far left with the long silver pen looking thing, also know as a tire pressure gauge. Chris just said, "I don't know why you have that in your purse and not in your car..." I agree. I have no idea why it is in my purse. 

Moving clockwise, that is my stack of receipts. Every time we go somewhere and get a receipt I just shove it in my purse. 

I won't name everything, but you can see (still going clockwise) that I have two journals, a pink notepad, and pink and white striped note-cards...because I like to write a lot? No clue. I have the brochure from my dermatologist appointment and my blog business cards. As you look right we have trash and extra napkins, as well as floss and box-tops because, you know, I have to help my school! 

Scattered in there you can spot my passport picture (or my mug shot, you'll never know...totally kidding!), lotion, a pack of gum and an empty pack of gum, my wallet, pens, a nail file, toothpicks (because floss doesn't cut it?), hair-ties, medicine, a mirror, church notes, mints, gift cards, chap-stick, and, finally, business cards from random people. 

Now, please make me feel better and tell me your bag looks the same? Or at least lie to me so I have help convincing my husband I'm not the only woman with a purse like this!


  1. I love that you have napkins in your purse! haha! You never know when you will need one! I have hair things and gum wrappers all in the bottom of my purse. I think it's inevitable ha!
    Sarah at http://meettheshaneyfelts.blogspot.com

  2. I love this friend. I didn't even think about that being a passport picture. As a teacher, it wouldn't surprise me if I had random pictures like that in my school bag. haha

  3. My purse is semi the same however I try not to carry that much because it gets heavy!!

  4. Don't you worry, friend. When I carry my big bag, I always feel like I need to fill it up. Which is why on the weekends, I limit myself to a crossbody so I'm not lugging a suitcase around with me as I'm out and about (:

  5. Hahaha! Love it, especially because my bag sometimes just serves has a traveling trash bag. I'm so horrible at cleaning it out on the reg.

  6. This is a great idea and makes me feel a lot better because my purse is a black hole also! I constantly have like 50 wadded up receipts in it. Sometimes I wonder to myself why I even keep receipts when all I do is wad them up and throw them in my purse, but you know the first time I stop keeping them I'll really need one!!

  7. My bag is the same! It's nice to know I'm not alone!

  8. I think we might have the same stuff in our bags, except I have random toy cars and fake birthday play candles in mine. I keep meaning to take that out and put it with the set, but somehow I only remember when I"m going through my purse looking for gum. My husband calls my purse the same thing and refuses to go in it to get anything! Even my wallet which is huge.

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