A Welcome Back story for the books

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Well, our quick weekend getaway was full of baseball, the National Mall, and sitting on a plane for 2.5 hours going no where.

Yes, you heard that right. Chris and I got caught in one of those silly they get you on the plane then have mechanical issues for hours flights. I had just got done telling my friend earlier that day how I love flying Southwest because I've never had a horror story happen like you see on TV. Jinx. Double jinx. 

So the story goes...

When we got on the plane it was so crowded that Chris and I couldn't even sit together. We were about to push off when they announced there would be a delay, so I asked the guy sitting next to me (who appeared to be single) if he wouldn't mind switching with my husband so we could sit together. He said, "Wellll, I really prefer a window seat...." I told him that was totally fine and I understood. Inside I was bawling thinking about being stuck on this plane for hours without Chris next to me. 

About five minutes later he said, "You know what? Sit with your husband...I'm going to switch with him." I thanked him over and over again. 

Then the real fun began. There were two couples who were those obnoxious, loud, fratty, wish-they-could-still-be-in-college type group. One guy kept dropping the f-bomb like it was the only word in his vocabulary and then he kept complaining that his buzz was wearing off. #annoying #growup He was getting mad because of the delay and blaming the pilots like it was their fault the fuel pump was having issues. Yes, annoying fratster, the pilot would rather stand around for 2.5 hours than fly to his next destination. That makes a lot of sense, moron.

Then there was the cray-cray mom behind us. Let me set the scene for you and just say that we are in the second to last row from the back. The lady behind us talked to her kid like he was deaf. He was maybe two and she had one of those talk-yelling voices. She kept explaining to him that here are "acceptable" and "unacceptable" things in life and what he was doing was unacceptable. He comprehended none of it, which is totally understandable being that he mightttt have been TWO! Everyone in the vicinity was just staring at this woman like, "anytime you want to tell us we are on candid camera, we are ready!" She would talk about herself in (loudly!) third person like, "Mommy is going to walk the isle to stretch her legs. Does Franklin want to go stretch his legs?" Then she would yell things like, "STOP BITING MY SHIRT! THAT IS NOT FUNNY!" It. was. cray.

(enter the wide eyed emoji) Chris and I knew we needed to get the bleep out of there. Give us the screaming child at the front. 

After about an hour they announced that any passangers connecting needed to deplane to catch a different flight. Then about thirty minutes later they all had to get back on the plane...then about thirty minutes later they were kicked back off. It was a cluster.

At that point we all were a little restless. They had the cabin doors open and said we could go back out into the airport and wait out there until they figured everything out.

We had just found a plug to charge our phones when they announced that they needed us to re-board. Finally.

So, after 2.5 hours of sitting on a plane, we were finally ready to head to Dallas. BUT, you can bet that we found new seats! Since the connecting passangers had to get off the plane, there were tons of open seats, so the first ones I came to, I snagged.

I ended up having the best conversation with a lady who actually works on our town's square. I hope to run in to her soon! So was so sweet and such a joy to talk to!

All in all, we stayed positive and knew that it was all out of our control. Chris prayed for us at take-off and we made it back safely. Better late than never :)

Even though the weekend was a whirlwind, we love that we are able to create theses memories and take weekend trips like this!

Now the hard part comes...deciding where to go next!

ps...DC recap this week...hopefully!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ahhh, I love DC. Kevin and I want to take a trip soon. Sorry you had such a bad experience on the plane. But it could always be worst... like finding out something is wrong with the plane in the air first. Be thankful for those little blessings. Happy Tuesday, friend! Not many more work days to go!

  2. Ewwww! 2.5 hours stuck?! Sorry friend, but DC looks gawgeous! Can't wait for a recap!

  3. Ugh, stuck for 2.5 hours not fun! And that mom, crazy! Taking in third person drives me batty!

  4. No fun! Kevin and I went to DC last summer and had a blast!