Whole 30 Meal Plan: Week 1

Thursday, March 5, 2015

When I did my last Whole 30, I was unaware of the prep time that went in to this adventure. Being that I work full-time, at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is come home and make a meal that's going to take hours to prep and cook.

This time around I've got my guns loaded and I'm headed into this Whole 30 battle fully prepared.

For breakfasts I'm allowing myself a protein shake and Greek yogurt, neither of which is Whole 30 approved. As a teacher, I don't get the luxury of eating whenever I want, so I need to make sure I am full until lunch. I've been having a protein shake and Greek yogurt for breakfast for a couple weeks now and it doesn't upset my stomach and I stay full. I don't mind eggs, but they always make me nauseous when I eat them after I workout.

For lunches I plan on eating leftovers.

Here are my dinner plans for Week 1:

Sunday: Taco Salad - I made guac to go with it and it tasted great!

Monday: Crock Pot Pork Roast with fried cabbage - I could eat this all day, everyday. Chris kept saying, "This is Whole 30?! But it tastes so good..."

Tuesday: Kickin' BBQ Chicken with baked french fries - Neither of us were a fan of the bbq sauce. It was really tangy and just not what we were used to, but I still ate it. Chris put regular bbq sauce on his portion of the chicken.

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner: eggs, bacon, (baked) hash-browns. Yum. This was s simple meal and I ended up added left over taco meat to my eggs.

Thursday: Mini Meatloaves with veggies - We have another snow day today, so I'm currently thawing the meat to make these!

Friday: Kalua Pork with roasted broccoli 

Saturday: leftovers

One of the problems with my first Whole 30 was that I couldn't ever get full. I was constantly hungry and ended up having to stop working out because I wasn't getting enough calories. I don't want that to happen this time, and so far, so good. We have been eating a lot of pork and beef because neither of us loveee chicken. We especially hate grilled chicken.

I am almost done with week one and I can tell you that I already feel better. I started this Whole 30 journey again because my acid reflux was flaring up again and I haven't had any pain related to reflux all week. I've been full after every meal and even though I'm craving a cookie, my morning protein shakes are doing the trick.

Since I'm stuck inside all day today, I hope to work on next week's meal plan!

Happy Thursday!


  1. You've got this! I am going to try that pork! That's what we had in Hawaii all the time and it was SO good.

  2. OH good luck with the second time around. I just started the Slow Carb diet, week 2 and feeling good. Lost a little weight feeling stronger. :) Always a good thing. Going to have to try your crockpot pork...yum!

  3. You're going to do great, especially with this plan in place. It's always about the panning. I need to get it together and do something like this. All this working out lately, and my food is still not fantastic. I know this is the missing key to my long term success. Good Luck!

  4. I have several people that are doing Whole 30 at work and they've seen phenomenal results. Just remember your end goal and you won't have any problems at all. Good luck girl! All the food you've made so far sounds amazing!

    XO, Jaime

  5. Great job, Sarah! Those meals all look yummy to me :D I like that you tailored it to your routine!!

  6. Love the recipe links!! thanks for sharing, added a few to my menu for next week.

  7. Love the recipes!! I am hoping to look into whole30 pretty soon! I definitely need a new kick-start plan!