Put Down Your Phone

Monday, March 23, 2015

One big thing for Chris and I is that when we are together, we are not on our phones. We never have them out at dinner and make sure they are put away when we are on a date.

Now, when Chris is gone, that's another story. I feel like lately I am on my phone way too much. Maybe I am on it the same amount, but I am just now realizing it, or maybe I've upped my phone in hand game, but either way, I feel like I need to put it down. Between the snow days and Spring Break, being inside has caused me to spend hours scrolling through twitter on the hunt for my next article to read.

What am I reading, you ask? Usually reading articles that I find on Fox News. Chris and I read the news on our phones all the time. It sucks us in!

Going in to this weekend I wanted to really be aware of the time I spent on my phone. I am really proud to report that I feel much better about being able to just put it down. Being on my phone is not a problem until I'm alone.

Friday night we went and saw American Sniper. I don't think I breathed the entire movie. It was so good and I have an even greater amount of respect for all the soldiers out there. In the movie I obviously didn't have my phone out and the only thing I had it out for the rest of the night was to research stuff about the movie. Chris knows that after I watch movies I always dig deeper into set locations, etc. I have no idea why I do this, but I love finding those facts out.

I've also been working on not being on my phone for about an hour before I go to bed. The bright screen keeps me awake and I always have trouble falling asleep. Last week I tried not using my phone for the hour before bed and when I laid my head on that pillow, I crashed!

Saturday we were lazy most of the day. Chris was supposed to go fishing, but it rained so it got pushed back to Sunday. After lounging on the couch most of the day we made it to the gym. It felt good to get our blood pumping and keep on track with our workouts.

Saturday night I went out to Benihana with some of my co-workers. These ladies have become some of my closest friends and I love them dearly. It is so nice to spend time with them outside the classroom. Once again, I didn't have my phone out most of the night, so no pictures!

Sunday Chris got up at 3:00am to go fishing. I slept in and then did stuff around the house all day...after I got some kolaches and donut holes, that is. (I promise I am still doing Whole 30 during the week!) Chris kept sending me pictures of what he was doing so I sent him a picture of my kolache and the dishwasher. Exciting, I tell ya.

Sunday evening Chris and I threw the baseball for awhile and he mowed the lawn. I made ribs in the crock-pot and we just piddled around the house. Every time I thought to just take a break and get on my phone, I found something else to do (see: laundry).

It was a great, phone sorta-free, weekend! Just what I need right before the big state test hits!

Happy Monday!


  1. i am so with you on this. we don't have phones on dates or dinner either!! i get sucked into articles so i feel that's just normal. it's definitely good to be aware!

  2. This is something I NEED to work on. I am just constantly finding random things to do on my phone. Texting, looking at facebook, instagram, new recipes, etc. etc. etc. I can always find an excuse to use it. And I hate it! I may need an intervention to get me to your level of leaving phone alone! I will make that my goal this week. :)

  3. We do that too, and it makes such a difference in the quality of the time you have!

  4. We had ribs for dinner last night too! The phone and iPad is something we've been working on too. We tend to leave it in a separate room and that seems to help.

  5. There was a Benihana where we were this weekend but we weren't sure about it - is it good?

    I am trying my hardest to get Keith to put his phone away. Most of the time I'm on mine, killing time waiting for him!! I threatened to him once that he's going to go back to the old flip phone if he can't get off it at nights

  6. I am with you--I fell like I am always on my phone and its terrible--especially if I am out around friends or spending time with the hubs!! I def can take a lesson from this post :)