The end of a break.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Today I'm back at school after a week off thanks to glorious Spring Break. Some people say that teachers have it so easy because of all the breaks we get, but if we didn't get breaks, well I don't want to think about what would happen.

I did a whole lot of nothing last week. I watched lots of tv, sat on my butt for way too many hours, snacked until we ran out of snacks, and generally just wasted the days away without a care in the world.
I got a bunch of new makeup last week and decided to actually try it all out on Friday. I'm trying to be a liquid eyeliner wearer and I think I'm getting better at it. I am still so in love with the Naked 2 palette eye shadows that I got for Christmas. Also, I am on the bandwagon of thinking this eye shadow primer is the best invention on earth. Seriously, for a girl who runs out the door with a messy bun and some mascara, it takes a lot for me to love a beauty product...and I love this stuff. I had a chance to wear my Make Up For Ever foundation and I really like it. It is more coverage than I'm used to, but I only plan on wearing it for special occasions. Last, but not least, this concealer is working wonders on my under-eye bags.

Friday night we went to our friend's house for pizza and games. This whole 'pizza and game night' is a once a month thing that us and two other couples just started and if they turn out to be as much fun as Friday night, we are in for a lifelong treat. 

We dined on gourmet Papa John's pizza,fancy bagged salad, and a to die for easy cobbler. We want these fun nights to not be stressful, so we decided we would just keep it easy with pizza. 

We played The Game of Things. Chris and I had never played before and I HIGHLY recommend it if you're a game lover. Basically you draw a card that says things like, "Something that should never be written on" and everyone writes their answer and the person who drew the card has to guess who wrote what. You can only imagine how out-there the answers got. Add in some wine and we laughed until we cried. It was wonderful.

Saturday we slept in and I had the most productive day I've had all week. Everything I wanted to do that had been on my to-do list got done. I think having Chris there to get me up and motivated helped.

I cleaned out and organized our kitchen cabinets. When we moved in last year we just kind of put stuff in a place and have been living with it like that. I finally put things away where I had been wanting them to go and got rid of things we've never even used before.  

I went to the gym and did some cardio (boo!) and then downed a giant sandwich from Jersey Mike's that was delicious. We never think to go there, but I think that's going to change. 

dress - here // shoes - here
Saturday night we went to Chris's cousin's wedding where Chris's sister and I tore up the dance floor. It was a pretty small wedding and about 70% of the time it was just her and I out there doing our thing. We may have had some liquid courage, but we would have been out there regardless. It was a blast! I can't wait for her wedding in August!

Sunday I woke up and, well, let's just say I felt rough. Maybe the open bar got to me a little more than I was anticipating and Chris agreed to take me to Cracker Barrel. We hardly ever drink (and we did two nights in a row!), so it doesn't take much to make me feel it! Obviously Whole 30 was put on hold this weekend :)

The rest of the day we laid around and did nothing. I tried to nap, but kept thinking of everything else I should be doing, so I got up and sat on the couch and watched more tv.

Now we are in testing mode at school and I can only begin to imagine the stress that will cover me in the coming weeks. I know the year flies by after Spring Break. In a way I am happy for summer to get here, but I am also sad as to how fast life is passing me by!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Aww sounds like a great break and fun weekend!! I don't know how you teachers do it--I think the breaks are well deserved--I watch my nieces for about an hour and I need 3 glasses of wine and xanax i feel like ha :)


  2. Ugh dislike on the testing mode but just think it'll be over before you know it!!

  3. You guys look great for the wedding!! And I'm glad it was an easy week for you...those nothing planned kind of days are few and far between ;)

  4. What a great break, you got stuff done, but also got to sit and do nothing but watch tv. :) Sounds perfect.

  5. Sounds like a fantastic week, and weekend!!

  6. Sounds like you made the most out of your week! Hopefully the hangover didn't last too long :)

  7. Our spring break is in 2 weeks and I can't wait for the break!!! I agree that the school year completely flies by after that break! (Also agree on the alcohol thing!!) We drank Saturday night and I don't very often so I felt completely awful on Sunday. Lots of sleeping and no meal prepping was done in our house so now I am super unorganized and not ready for the week! Have to laugh it off and get back on track tonight!

  8. I so enjoyed the break and didn't think about school once, until I got to school yesterday and wished I had thought about school just a little bit. haha Hope you had a good week back friend.