10 Silly Quirks

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In this instance, I'm talking about my fur-babies, Wrigley and Bailey.

All kids, adults, and animals have quirks, so I thought I'd share a few of Wrigley and Bailey's weird quirks.

1. Wrigley growls when Chris and I kiss/hug or get close. It is not an aggressive growl at all. It is more like an, "Ewww. Could y'all not do that in front of me?" But, seriously, every time we are sitting next to one another on the couch and we get too close, Wrigley growls.

2. Bailey is the slowest eater in the world. She chews one piece of dog food at a time. With her treats, she grabs it in her mouth in the most dainty way, brings it to another room, and slowly eats it. Wrigley grabs the treat out of my hand before I even get it out of the bag.

3. Bailey loves dirty wash-cloths. When I am sorting the dirty laundry, she will always run away with a used wash-cloth. So weird.

4. Wrigley prefers to sleep on his back, spread eagle.

5. We call Bailey a sorority dog because when you go to pet her, she lays down and opens her legs. (Totally inappropriate and I hope no one takes offence to this! One of my friends in a sorority actually told us about this saying haha! I love and have the utmost respect for sorority girls (my SIL and best friends being some of them)...it's just funny in this case.) She just hates having her head rubbed, unlike Wrilgey.

6. Bailey is super sneaky. The dogs are not allowed on our bed and when we lived at our other house, I would leave for work before Chris. One morning that we didn't have school, Chris kissed me bye and left and right when I heard the garage door close I felt something slowly creeping onto the bed. I shot up and it was Bailey who thought that I had already left for work! She was just going to make herself right at home on our bed thinking that we had forgot to shut our bedroom door!

7. Wrigley prefers to be outside. Rain, hail, sleet, snow...he does not want to be inside. Bailey is the complete opposite. 

8. When the alarm goes off, Wrigley is up just like a toddler. He is full of energy and ready to go. Bailey, on the other hand, is like the moody teen in the house and usually gives us the death stare before we force her outside to go potty.

9. Wrigley always has to be under things. He lays under the coffee table. He lays under the kitchen table. He used to lay under our bed, when he fit, hah! He lays under the reclined part of the couch. When we are outside, he lays under the car. We aren't sure why he does this, but we always know where to find him!

10. Bailey only wants a bone/toy when Wrigley wants it. She doesn't like chewing on fresh bones, but she always steals Wrigley's when he has already gnawed on it. We are trying to find bones for her that she will actually eat, and ones that will help her teeth and breath. These Blue Buffalo Blue Bones from Chewy.com have been a huge hit. Bailey actually eats all of hers and Wrigley eats anything, so he doesn't really count in this. As far as toys go, Bailey, once again, only wants a toy if Wrigley has it. Thank goodness they both love this Kong bone that has a squeaker that shuts off! Every dog parent's dream! I hate when Wrigley plays with his toy in the middle of the night and I can hear it squeak! This bone has been great and super durable. Wrigley usually destroys toys within a day or so. This one is two weeks old and still in perfect condition!  

What are some of your dog's quirks?

We love you, you goofy pups!


  1. So I thought my dog was the only weird one... Deuce has to be in the middle of Cam and I almost all the time and he whines/growls. Crazy dogs!

  2. Love this!! And Bella and Wrigley are totally soul mates!...Any time Aaron and I get close to hug/kiss/snuggle...Bella does that same growl and on her back in the best sleep position for her. Crazy fur babies ;)

  3. I love this, don't have a dog, but I can live vicariously through your two cute pups.

  4. My Bails is JUST like yours with the eating of food. And hew new thing is now to bring that one piece over to the carpet and drop it and then eat it. YUCK! Just eat out of your bowls weirdos. :)

  5. So so cute, I love this! We would be here all day if I listed Floyd's quirks...

  6. These pictures made my whole day 100x better. Especially the first one! haha I truly think that they are so fun because you and Chris are. :)