My Workout Routine: I'm Struggling

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I cannot get this picture to turn...

I'm the one wrapped in the blanket. I was pitching during the championship game of a tournament and I got hit in the head by a line drive hit straight back to me. After watching the video, I threw the girl out at first base before I passed out. I ended up getting MVP of the tournament and it is a game I will never least what I can remember :) #fortheloveofthegame
Growing up I was always active. I played on a year-around traveling softball team from 5th - 12th grade and played every sport in middle school through high school. I was constantly at some sort of practice or game or softball lesson. Sitting around never really happened for me.

Fast forward to college where I played softball. Being active was a requirement and I never worried about having to choose a workout or plan time for it. Practice and workouts were set by our coach and I just followed directions.

That is how my workout life has been since I was little: someone decides the workout and I follow it. I worked out to train for something. I worked out to be better at the sport I was playing. I never worked out just to better my body.

Now, with no team to play on, no coach telling me what to do, and no personal trainer, I am left to come up with my own workouts and I am left to motivate myself. It was always easy to get motivated when I was younger because I was extremely competitive. I wanted to run the fastest and jump the highest. Now, I don't care who runs faster than me, who can lift more than me, or frankly, who has a better body than me. I am married and am confident with what I've got.

Middle school awkward years #25
Then I started to feel crummy. It was like my body was saying, "You've worked out your entire life and now you're going to stop?! Well I'll show you!" Let me say this: I never have worked out to look a certain way. I have always worked out because it was what I was required to do because of the sport I was playing. I never really thought, "Oh, I love working out!" It was just something I did because I love(d) sports!

This has been the hardest transition for me. To go from working out in order to be a better athlete to now workout out body? my health? how I look in a bathing suit?

I'm not sure. To be healthier I guess? I don't aim to lose weight or be a fitness model. I've always been stalky and on the more muscular side, not the long and lean side. I simply workout because it is something I've always done, but I always did it for sports, never for me.

Chris and I have been following Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer for a little over a month now and I can see my body changing, but I still think, "Okay, when is the big game coming that I've been training for?! Oh, wait, there is no game..." This has, by far, been the biggest transition for me as far as working out goes.

Most days I miss the competition of playing sports terribly. I hate that I will never play a high school basketball game again, or rally in the dugout with my friends. It pains me to think that I might be that crazy mom in the stands one day, because I always hated those parents. The crazy yelling ones, you know? I've already told Chris how excited I am to coach our kids sports teams. He is equally as excited, but doesn't think as far ahead as I do, hah!

I saw some high school girls in the gym the other day and all I wanted to tell them to cherish this time. They were volleyball players and I was jealous that they still got to play on Friday nights and practice with their best friends. I was jealous that they still had someone coaching them and pushing them to 'leave it all out on the floor.'

During the summers I attend daily workout classes because, once again, I love someone else telling me what to do. It is what I know. I don't want to think about what I have to do next. Just yell and me and tell em I'm not going to die, tell me I'm not pushing it hard enough, and I will do it.

All-in-all, I am blessed to be able to workout. I am blessed to have been an athlete my whole life and sustained only minor injuries. I am blessed to have married someone who, when we are in the gym together, pushes me like a coach. I guess what I'm training for now is not a game, but instead for this next chapter in my life, whatever that may hold.


  1. I am with you here friend. I just did what coaches told me to do and was happy with whatever it was that I looked. It's odd to me that I'm working out to change my body but it's just part of getting older I guess. What's hardest for me is the not having a game or competition to train for. It is so unmotivating to not have an end in mind. I knew during Volleyball or swimming, I had to work out to be the best....and now I have to work work out.

  2. Oh Sarah thank you for sharing this today, I am in the exact same place you are. I played softball from age 8 to 19 and trained for the game...and now at almost 24 it's like what the heck am I training for now!? Life is what we're training for; potential obstacles, goals, dreams. You never know what's around the corner. I'm with you on the whole "never working out to look a certain way." I remember being 16 and just busting ass because I wanted to be a better pitcher...not to be skinny. I miss the mound, but the adventures don't have to be over dear :)

    XO Fal

  3. I am right there with you girl...when I lost my weight after high school, I had a personal trainer and followed what she taught me, then my young metabolism that was waiting for me kicked in for a few years and I stopped working out as forward to almost 28 years old and I feel like I'm struggling to get back in that work out groove when I'm not necessarily uncomfortable in my skin, yet knowing it could be in better shape. But I think it's great you're seeing progress so far! I started slow with the Body for Life workout guideline...Once I get in a regular routine with it, I want to share that progress as well. :)

  4. Use picmonkey to turn the pic my friend! :)

  5. As someone who also played sports year round growing up and in college I find it refreshing to just enjoy exercise now yoga, pilates, spinning whatever it may be. My husband on the other hand who was also college athlete still follows his college training programs from his trainer. No joke he has them printed out and follows his weekly training regime. He craves the routine and I think it helps him to know that someone used to push him during these workouts. Maybe something to try if you still have some of yours. I threw mine in the trash when I cleaned out my apartment after college graduation :)