2014 Recap || Vacations, houses, and lots of love!

Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 was amazing and I don't feel like I would be doing it justice if I didn't recap some of the highlights. This post is mostly for my own person record book, but all links are clickable if you'd like to see what we were up to last year!

- I completed a year of NO shopping

- We went skiing

- I was on the news

- House drama

- Closed on our second home

- Took a private jet to Connecticut

- We saw the Blue Angels

- We ran The Color Run

- Celebrated 2 years of marriage in San Francisco

- We biked the Gold Gate

- I did a day in the life of a stay at home wife

- I updated our cabinets

- Attended The Hundred Event

- I got a diaper bag

- Miracle shot

- I stained all our kitchen cabinets

- DIY blanket ladder

- Completed the Whole 30 challenge

- Went to West Point and NYC

- Hosted our first Christmas


  1. You're such an inspiration! Not only did you do the whole year of shopping but also the Whole 30 Challenge. I really need to work on my self-control! haha. I really wanted to do the Whole 30, but there are somethings I'm not ready to part with -- like cheese or ice cream or anything else that's probably unhealthy! haha

  2. Wow! You did some pretty amazing things. I have done the whole 30 challenge....but give up shopping for a complete year..that would be tough. It's all so true though...I spend so much time buying online an returning crap. If I converted that time to something more important I know God would prefer that....but then I receive some email about a great sale! Dang Satan....always there to tempt me!

  3. Yay for all of these!! You accomplished so much!


  4. Wow you had quite a year! Hooray for the whole30! (I'm doing a whole60 right now!) But I really don't think I could do a year without shopping... snaps for you girl!

  5. A year of no shopping for a woman is an achievement indeed! I salute you!
    May you have more amazing and epic moments this 2015. Cheers!