Weekend Getaway || KC Restaurant Week

Monday, January 19, 2015

This weekend I jetted off to Kansas City with my mother-in-law and family friend. My sister-in-law and family friend's daughter live in KC, so we decided to have a little girl's weekend. The boys all went skiing, so did they really think we all were just going to sit at home?

Early Saturday morning we headed north. We arrive in KC around 8:30am. We lounged at the girl's apartment until it was time to get ready for brunch at Cooper's Hawk.

By the time we sat down for brunch at 11:45am, I had already been up for almost nine hours, so I was too starving to take a picture of my delicious meal. They have the most amazing amazing pretzel bread! For my entree I got parmesan crusted chicken. There was not a morsel left on anyone's plate.

After brunch we packed our stuffed little bodies into the car and headed to the mall. My SIL and friend wanted ankle boots like mine, so we were on the hunt. I think we walked away with four pairs for two people, so I'd say the trip was a success.

We went back to the apartment to get ready for dinner at The Capital Grille. At dinner we had more than enough wine, steak, lobster mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and dessert. It was all to die for. Good thing I packed my stretchy pants!!

After dinner we headed back to Cooper's Hawk to do a wine tasting. Along the way we stopped in at Sperry and my SIL ended up buying these booties and decided she would return one of the pairs she bought earlier that day.

We ended the night with more than enough wine in our system and enough laughs to make our bellies hurt.

Sunday we woke up and headed to brunch at Louie's Wine Dive. It was a really cute restaurant in the Waldo area of Kansas City. The only problem was that it was so loud. Literally, we were yelling across the table. The brick walls and wood floors did not absorb any of the sound.

After brunch we did a little more shopping then headed back to my SIL's to relax before we caught our evening flight.

It was such a fun weekend getaway and seemed like we were there way longer than 48 hours. I'm so glad we booked this trip on a whim!! Cheers to being young and sorta spontaneous!


  1. This sounds like such a fun weekend getaway!! Love the laughing and blurry picture...means you gals had the best time ;)

  2. The food all sounds soooooo delicious!

  3. I love that little houndstooth jacket you're wearing in the first photo. And sounds like an amazing trip!


  4. mmmmm lobster mac from Capital. SO jealous!!

  5. What a perfect weekend friend. Looks like so much fun. I'm sure it was much needed after the first few weeks back at school.

  6. 2 brunches? Definitely a perfect weekend. Brunch and shopping, nothing better. Except maybe a wine tasting.

  7. I'm sure the boys were jealous they couldn't spend the weekend with you girls. Anyway, your outfit looked outrageously beautiful on you, Sarah. It seems like everyone had a wonderful time on that trip, and I'm sure you were sad to go back home. Well, I hope you get to enjoy spontaneous trips like that more often. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge

  8. There's nothing wrong with staying in our comfort zones, but spontaneity and whim should be welcomed whenever it approaches. At any rate, I'm super glad you decided to book that flight to head off to Kansas for a weekend getaway. Looks like you three girls had the most wonderful time together on that trip. I hope you get to enjoy more adventures like that. Thanks for sharing that, Sarah! All the best! :)

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel™