10 Questions With Chris

Thursday, January 8, 2015

1. How do you feel about me blogging about our life?

Ugh...(shrugs shoulders)...then he asked why I am interviewing him.

2. What is the one food I couldn't live without?


3. Describe me in three words.

Uhhhh....come back to this one (dies laughing!)

Driven. Organized. Loving.

4. Do you seek to annoy me on a daily basis?

I live to annoy you, as much as possible. I love annoying you, honey. (continues to die laughing...almost spits out water)

5. What is my best feature?

Your legs.

6. If you surprised me with a trip, with an unlimited budget, where would we go?

New York...unless you want to go to Australia (said with an Australian accent).

7. What is my pet peeve?

(After thinking for a minute) I'm trying to think what I get yelled at about....oooo biting my nails.

8. Am I a night owl or morning person?

Definitely not a morning person. If you don't get your 8-10 you are so cranky!

9. What is the one thing I couldn't live without?

Me (then dies laughing!)

10. Do you like taking my pictures for the blog?

Oh my gosh noooooo!!! I don't know though, I've gotten pretty good at it. 


  1. Love! I read another bloggers interview with her hubby this week and I put it on my list for a fun date night experiment!

  2. Haha his answer to number seven is such a guy response!

  3. LOL! Love you two! I think Aaron needs to do something like this for me now....hehehehe (evil laugh)

  4. I love it! I love how he describes you!!

  5. haha! So cute, I can just see him laughing away at all the questions. I should do this with my husband, although he likes it and says, you should post about that!

  6. This had me cracking up! You and Chris are so cute!

  7. haha this makes me laugh because I can see y'all sitting there, laughing your way through these questions. I hope you had an amazing, restful weekend friend. Miss you!!!