Goals || 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Last year I didn't have a resolution. Or maybe I did, but I don't remember. Either way, nothing seemed as outrageous as my 2013 resolution to not shop for an entire year.

This year, instead of making a resolution, I think I'm just going to set a few goals; small and attainable.

1. Walk the dogs at least three times a week. Wrigley and Bailey stay inside all day while we are at work. When I get home, I always take them outside and play fetch, but as their parent, they need more. They deserve a good walk around the block!

2. Stop pinning DIY house projects and just do them! I could pin projects all day, but it is about time to get the ball rolling. When we bought this house, we knew we needed to make some updates. We always talk about doing them, we save for them, then we never pull the trigger. My goal is to stop being so cautious and just go for it!

3. Call my Mom at least once a week. Mom's are sensitive and although she calls me all the time (she would disagree, ha!), she has made it clear that she wants me to be the one calling. She and my Dad are now empty nesters and have become a little more needy, and that's okay :)

4. Leave work earlier. Having no Tucker Jr's relying on me makes it really easy for me to stay up at school until 5:00pm or 6:00pm...when I get there at 7:00am. That in turn makes me not have the time or energy to walk the dogs, and a lot of days causes us to eat out for dinner. I am so passionate about my job, but I need to know when it is time to shut it down and go home.

5. Live in the present. So cliche, but honestly, I need to. I am constantly thinking, hoping, wishing, wondering what the future will be like. Chris and I talk about future babies, future houses, future vacations, etc. and it makes me anxious....I want all the stuff to come now! Not that we are in a rush for anything, but I need to slow down and just live in the moment.

What are your goals to resolutions? Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love #3 and #5! I relate to them quite a bit! I actually call my mom every day on my way to pick up Xavier from daycare, and usually talk to my dad every to every other day as well! It drives my husband crazy, but I don't care! I also need to be more present! Especially with Xavier!

  2. Living in the present is a great one ... I think I might have to borrow that for myself. :) Another one I'm trying to work on is taking care of me. I tend to try to make everyone else happy and do everything for everyone, so I want to make sure I make myself a priority this year instead of everyone else!

  3. Great list!! Walking Bella is on ours too...especially after the vet told us she could stand to lose about 5 lbs.. #oops. And I'm right there with you friend on the anxiety thinking about the future brings me...so it's all about the day at hand this year. :)

  4. Be present is my overarching goal for 2015...with so many distractions it is really hard but I'm committed to giving it my best effort. And yes...call your mom! I have a 24 year old daughter out on her own and I always feel like I contact her too much...but just before Christmas she called me one night and she didn't need a thing...just spilled over with everything she had been doing and thinking. I loved every single word!

  5. so right about parents! But so thankful that they are there. My parents wanted to come over yesterday just to hug the kids because one of them was sick and they wanted to see her in person. Need to enjoy all these little moments while I can!

  6. Being present was one of my goals for this year too! It's so easy to forget to live in the moment, especially when there are so many things distracting me (*cough cough* iphone). I would never say I couldn't shop for an entire year, but last year I tried not to shop for a month... I lost that one pretty quickly!

  7. I am with you on the school thing. I made myself sleep in a little later in December and it was life changing. It's so easy to stay and do, do, do but the thing is that it will be there tomorrow. Go enjoy those sweet dogs of yours.

  8. Ooohhhh... Girrrrlll... That leaving work early one is harrrrrdddd..... I try too... We CAN do it!!! We WILL!!!! More time with this hubsbands!!!!

    1. I've done good this week! Today was the latest I've stayed and that was 4:15. I am TRYING!!

  9. Love these goals. I am also working on being in the moment more and relaxing more. More time with the husband and the Floydster and more time away from my phone just enjoying life.