Life via my Iphone photos: a photo dump post

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last Tuesday we went to TopGolf with Chris's parents and my Dad (he was in town for work). We hadn't been in quite awhile and were quickly reminded that we need to go back more often!

We are all super competitive which makes it even more fun. Chris has been begging me to go play real golf with him, but I just get so bored. I ended up hitting the back net twice (I must have had a lot of luck with me that day....) and was a driving machine, so now Chris is really hounding me to play with him. Maybe when it isn't 100 degrees outside and if we only play 9...I get really bored after the first 9 holes!

I saw this on Pinterest and I just love it. I am going to tell it to my kiddos all year long. The joy that is yet to come is so, so sweet!

I also saw this on Pinterest and Chris audibly "awwww"ed. It was precious.


Saturday lounging on the couch with the fam. I have about 10 pictures like this on my phone, so it must have been a commercial break.

We have jalapenos people! Chris bought a jalapeno plant a couple months back and we had no expectations as to whether or not it would live. If we were betting people, we would have bet it would have died the day after we got it. We looked at it last weekend and what do ya know?! Four, yes FOUR little peppers are almost ready to be picked!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. A jalapeno plant- that is so cool! Also love Top Golf! I need to make a trip out there!

  2. They have so many cute onesies that I think I'll have so many of those and not enough regular clothes for a future kid!

  3. I love photo dumps every few months! I just did one yesterday too!!

  4. That onesie is too cute. I like iphone photo dumps and sometimes wonder, what the heck was I thinking when I took that one?!

  5. I love jalapenos!!! I seriously need to find one to plant out here. They look so cute! Let us know if they taste as spicy as they look.

  6. Your golf form is so much better than mine! haha My friend took a picture of me last weekend while I was swinging and WOW. I definitely looked like I needed some help haha

  7. Yay for Jalapeno growth!!! And those are pretty much what our lounging pictures look like haha

  8. When I saw your pictures of you playing golf I could just imagine Chris being so proud. We will go play one day when I come and make it extra fun! haha Hope your first week has been amazing sweet friend. Miss you.

  9. jalapeno plant?!? thats awesome! i tried growing cilantro and green onions./scallions. that didn't happen with the crappy jersey summer we had!