House Tour: Master Bedroom {Progress}

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Headboard DIY tutorial cost less than $50!
We've been in our house almost four months now and I have yet to do a whole lot to our bedroom. Why is it that we neglect our bedrooms and put them last on the 'rooms to finish' list?

One thing I have done is refinish and stain our bedside tables. I'll do a separate post on those babies, but, believe me, they were awful. Even I was really surprised at how great they turned out. We haven't got pulls for my side table and one of Chris's knobs needs to be replaced. It is on the list...

My plans for this room involve:

- Getting new carpet. The dogs have ruined it. Yuck!
- Do something over the bed because a giant blank wall isn't the style I am going for.
- Get new bedside lamps.
- Find a rug.
- Reupholster the bench at the end of our bed.
- Stain our dressers.
- Attach the mirror that goes over my dresser.
- Possibly switch the layout of the room by basically flipping the bed to the opposite wall.

And just because I like to keep it real in these parts of the internet land, this is what the other side of the room looked like while I was taking pictures. You're welcome.

Have a great Thursday!!

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  1. Does your bed look that great daily? I love all the pillows, one day I'll have lots of pillows :)

  2. I'm with you on the ignoring the master bedroom. We moved into our house in November and I still havent really "decorated" the master bedroom. We did get new furniture, but I am just not sure how I want it to look still!

  3. You are soo right! We moved last November and our master bedroom is just kinda thrown together. We had an open house so my Mom purchased some bedding. I'm not sure I love it but I'm loving your pillows! It's hard for me to make decisions on decorating but love what you're doing! Stopping by from the link up.

  4. Great headboard! I love anything with the nail heads. That 6-6-12 pillow though is what I want! Did you make that or order it? I need one 8-31-13.

  5. gah this is absolutely stunning. i wish i was as talented as you this is gorgeous!!

  6. I love all of the purple and gray! So pretty!! And now I think I'm going to have to make a pillow like yours with my hubby and I's wedding date on it! lol

  7. Soooo gorg my friend!! Our poor master bedroom is so neglected..and will most likely be that way for a while.

  8. i love it Sarah, looks so great!! well one side at least! haha!

  9. Oh our dressers always look like that! haha Love your bedroom though! The headboard is awesome!! We also did a DIY headboard for our master and its my favorite part of the room!

  10. oh so pretty...and thanks for keeping it real. Half of my room has baby toys strewn about...

  11. Looks great! I'd love to know your process for refinishing and staining your nightstands...I have a couple dressers I'd like to do that to in our bedroom.

  12. Looks awesome!! Love the lamps!!

  13. I think the "keepin it real" other side of the room photo might be my favorite from this whole post ;)
    The headboard looks great and I love the linens you've selected for your bed and the gray and purple color palette.

  14. Love the room! Our master is on the bottom of our to-do list too! The guest room right now is perfection, but the master is a disaster! Oops! :)

  15. You are absolutely right. Our master bedroom gets neglected and put at the bottom of the to-do list. Yours is looking great :) (p.s. I've missed you)

  16. Love the progress you've made and our master is totally neglected and always a mess! It's my one hidden disaster area!!

  17. Bhahhahha!!! Way to keep it's coming along beautifully - half way...progress, right? You kill me! :)

  18. Cute bed! We've been in our home over a year and we still need a headboard!


  19. i seriously love the bed. its all so perfect. you have to share where the comforter and items are from! why do you want new lamps? just sick of the ones you have, they are cute! ps appreciate the "real" photo of the other side! would have never imagined that!