WIWW: Lily Jade Diaper Bag + Link Up

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nope, this is not a pregnancy announcement. Although I do now own a designer diaper bag that I have been carrying on the daily. On Monday I told you how I snagged this Lily Jade diaper bag at The Hundred Event. I was slightly embarrassed because I was one of the only girls at the conference without kids, yet here I am walking away with a highly sought after diaper bag.

My embarrassment quickly went away when I realized how unbelievably awesome these bags are. Now I know why I was getting so many looks and offers to barter (seriously, people were offering to trade anything for my bag...). You can completely remove the "baby bag" portion from the bag and you're left with an normal purse. Genius. In reality, though, I am probably going to keep the diaper bag, "baby bag", portion in the purse so I can cram it full of teacher goodies!
This is the bag without the baby bag portion.
This shows all the goodies you can cram it with when the baby bag portion is in place.

Imagine so many teacher things stuffed into all those pockets!

See how the baby bag is removable, and washable! It is has magnets (really strong ones!) that hold in into the bag.
Lily Jade is not paying me to say this, I just genuinely am in love with my new diaper bag. I could possibly be the only woman in America with a diaper bag and no baby or belly to show for it. Hey, one of the tips they told us at the conference was to 'be different', so I guess you could say this is me making an effort to differentiate. Ha!

And don't forget to come back Friday for a fun announcement!

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  1. Yes, That is an awesome bag, but let's talk about your fabulous shoes for a second. I have been really pondering the open toed bootie, but I think you just talked me into it. You look amazing! Thanks for hosting the link up.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Hilarious and awesome. Can't wait to chat and hear more about the Hundred Event! Have a happy Wednesday! :)

  3. love that diaper bag!! you can never have too many compartments! and those grey skinnies are perfect for fall!

    Tara Belle

  4. We don't have kids but with all the baby presents I've had to buy through the years, of course I've eyeballed things for when its our time and have considered buying the diaper bag myself. However I just got a big 31 bag so I'm good for awhile!

  5. Very functional diaper bag but I want to talk about your cute polka dots top!!!


  6. That is one sensational bag! Love that it looks like a purse and not a diaper bag, I also love your blue top a great color on yo
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  7. who cares if it's a diaper bag if it's that cute!!

  8. That bag is awesome, even if it's a diaper bag! Love your shoes :)

  9. Alexa told me about your post + this bag and now I NEED one. No baby (yet), but that Sarah Grace gold is screaming BUY ME!

  10. LIke I said before, so cute! I need one, although my other diaper bag might get jealous...Love that polka dot shirt and your shoes! Okay I'll just go ahead and say I love the whole outfit, totally comfy but put together look.

  11. Hey, function is key. I love the style of it!

  12. Ok I really love this bag!! Definitely remembering this for when I actually do have kids haha it totally works as a non-diaper bag!!


  13. I definitely get that everyone was trying to barter with you - I have been eying a Lily Jade bag for WAY too long. I keep entering giveaways like crazy haha. Anyway, it totally works as a regular purse - I love the whole outfit!

  14. You are not alone! I totally bought a diaper bag to use as my camera bag. Oops ;) Also, hi from a fellow Hundred-Event-attender. I'm not sure that we actually met face to face, but I definitely saw you around!

  15. Girl, you have NO idea how much I need this! Lol! I have so much stuff in my bag that I carry around every day and would LOVE a way to organize it! Lol! That's awesome:)

  16. Lol at being different but yeah whatever way that works. I like the bag too :). Very cute top.

  17. That bag does look great and those pockets would be so handy! Gray denim is at the top of my fall wish list and this pair is great on you! I really like this outfit!

    Nicole to the Nines

  18. Found you post from Camp Patton blog...I'm another Lily Jade diaper bag carrier without kids :) I love my bag! I just got it about a week ago for my work bag and it's amazing! All the pockets keep me organized. Glad I'm not the only kidless lady carrying a diaper bag :)