WIWW: Polka Dots and Neutrals + Link Up

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On Wednesdays we have to "dress nice" to school. Meaning we don't get to wear our normal jeans and a tee shirt, which is what I rock four days a week. I am trying to get use out of my nicer dresses that I save for a special occasion...then end up not wearing. Basically what I am saying is I need to stop worrying about saving dresses for maybe/possibly/theremightbeachance special occasions, and just start wearing them!

I bought this dress over two years ago for one of my wedding showers and I have maybe worn it three times. Yikes! I didn't want to wear it to school in fear of it getting ruined, but I think it is time I just start taking the plunge and wearing my 'so called' nicer items that never get worn.

As for this blazer, I got it over two year ago from Target on major sale. I want to say it was like $10. Major score. I am just waiting for the temperature to cool off so I can actually wear it outside instead of just bringing it to school to wear when I get cold.


- This week of school is kicking my butt. Getting into the swing of things is tough. Couple that with a sour stomach yesterday morning and I am ready for this weekend.

- Bachelor in Paradise, love. So much less crazy screaming, but just as much drama.

- We had Ikea Swedish Meatballs last night and they weren't half bad. Actually, I really loved them and Chris said, "You don't have to make this meal like every week...just every once in awhile." Noted.

- Don't forget to link up on September 1st for The Lovely Lookbook!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can click here for more information!! Get your dresses ready!

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Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. lovin the polka dots

    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Getting back into a schedule is killing me too, can't it just be summer forever? Love the polka dot blazer with that dress. Thanks for hosting the link up!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

    1. I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving break :) HA!

      Thank you!

  3. LOVE this look! Hey, if you don't feel great about the week, at least you look amazing. Feeling put together always makes me start feeling better. Hope the rest of your week is great!

    1. Haha thanks friend!! I think my weekend will be full of catching up on sleep and saving my voice...I forgot how much teachers talk!

  4. I just found you today via Shanna's blog and linked up with my post ! I am excited to get to know you! Susan

  5. I'm with ya on wearing nicer things to school. I've started taking that plunge, too, and I don't regret it! The school year is kickin my rear, too. I feel like I have no time! I went to a freezer meal party, so we have crockpot meals for over two weeks! Score!

  6. Such a great look! The blazer goes perfect with that dress!! I know what you mean about saving clothes to wear, I do it not just with nice dresses but kind of with all my clothes... It's terrible! Like oh I'll wear this next week because it's suppose to be warmer out and this on this day and then I'm left with nothing to wear that day! It's such a bad habit.

    Thanks for hosting the link up :)



  7. Love the dots! I do the same thing with my "nicer" clothing. I am also so tired in the morning the last thing I feel like doing is getting extra fancy! Ha!

  8. Love this look! I can't get over the fact that you get to wear jeans and a t-shirt almost every day, though! Lucky!

  9. I love how you married a sweet, girly chiffon dress with a fun-printed blazer and edgy booties. You look great. I am glad you dress up on Wednesdays at work. Loving the polka dot blazer, clutch, booties and bracelets. Yep, I want it all. LOL

    Miss hearing from you. Hope all is well and Texas is not 100 degrees right now lol.

    <# Enjoy the rest of this week! <3 Ada.

  10. I'm new here, but I have to say I love your energy! Lovely blog!

  11. I absolutely LOVE that blazer!! So cute!

  12. Love the dress and jacket together! Most days I bring a jacket with me and then it sits at my desk all day.

  13. Gimme you shoes...gimme gimme. And that blazer...adorbs! My dress is all prepped and ready to go for the 1st!

  14. i have total shoe envy right now! oh yes, those babies are beautiful!! the whole outfit is in fact gorgeous!!XX

  15. Love this outfit, especially with the black booties! The mixture of the polka dots and the blush looks great with the black heels
    from the link up

    please stop by, jess


  16. You are going to be the most stylish teacher on Wednesdays!! Hope you get settled in better with school starting...at least we have a three day weekend!!

  17. Love the dots and neutrals! Such a pretty combo!


  18. Loving that jacket! Fab my friend and the shoes are killer as well. Looking good as usual.

  19. Girl, your outfits are ALWAYS amazing... But this one is so perfect I can hardly stand it! You are STUNNING!

  20. Love this polished yet easy breezy ensemble.....the polka dots blazer is just so adorable!!!!