The Hundred Event: aka best weekend ever

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sometimes in life you take chances and they turn out really, really well. And sometimes you take chances and they turn out awful. The time I dyed my hair in college and forgot the dye was in my hair and hour and 15 minutes later I had dark blue hair. That was a really bad idea.

But, this weekend was the idea of these four beautiful (inside and out) ladies below and their idea of The Hundred Event was really, really good.

I have been following Lauren, Grace, and Megan (and now I stalk Bridget daily!) ever since I can remember, so when all three of them posted the same post one day, titled "The Hundred Event," I knew something was up. Well, that something turned out to be the best weekends I've had in a really long time!

Lauren, Megan, Bridget, Grace
The Hundred Event started Friday and went until yesterday afternoon. Believe me, I never wanted it to end! Well, I did need to come home and shower, but I would have gone back for another day month!

Walking in to the fancayyy schmancyy Warwick Melrose Hotel, I instantly spotted the Grace Patton. The blog Gods sang and I peed a little (totally joking...), but luckily no one noticed. We made awkward eye contact and I felt like a weirdo because all I wanted to do was stare at all of them, and that would have been strange, so I refrained. I found Amber and we sat steps away from the check in counter where we waited until they were ready for us to check in.

Finally all the blogger celebrity awkwardness went away when we all shook hands and met face-to-face. Only bloggers (or I guess online daters?!) know what it is like to know everything about someone, yet you have never seen/met them in the flesh. There is no weird like, "What do you do? Where do you live?" It is more like, "You're just like you are on your blog," or "Welcome to Texas where everything sweats profusely!"

Since Amber and I got there early, we went and had Mexican food and some drinks across the street after we checked in. The event didn't start until 6:00pm and we had a couple hours to kill. Nothing a little sangria and queso can't fix. 

The ballroom was decorated beautifully
When we went back we mingled with everyone and then we were seated in the ballroom for dinner and a speech from, none other than, Kendi The Great (actually it is Kendi Everyday, but you know...). Dinner was delicious, but I've never met a dinner I didn't like. The atmosphere and decor was like something out of a magazine. And, the company was more than I could have bargained for. 

I'm just taking it all in, and probably eyeing someone's dessert.
Saturday was perfect. We started the day at Bread Winners where we gorged ourselves on anything from Chicken and Waffles to Migas. I had the Strawberry Waffles and Cream and it was like heaven on a plate. I sat next to Grace, Lauren, and Bridget and we all chit-chatted each other's little ears off.

I carpooled everyone back to the hotel where we began with a speech from Curt Steinhorst. His speech was about being better with your time and making the time you spend on things count. An example he used was something we all do. We get online to blog, but then we have to check our email. The we see an ad for shoes and, just for a second, switch to shop online. Then we get an email that reminds us we were checking our email in the second place, which then reminds us that we originally got on the computer to blog. You get the point and I definitely need to start blocking off time to get things done. What I am trying to tell you is that it was a great speech!

Once Curt's speech concluded we spent the rest of the day at four other technical sessions. I will go into more detail about those later this week, but I learned so much valuable information that I can't wait to share with you all!

Saturday night we went to Peacock Alley in the Design District of Dallas. Peacock Alley hosted the night for us where they had the famed Ruthie's Rolling Cafe food truck and Steel City Pops. I'm telling you, this event, if nothing else, was worth it for the food. Luckily it was more than just the food, but you know where my brain is at. Every day we ate like little blogging queens.

If you're not familiar with Peacock Alley, they basically design the most gorgeous bedding and bath accessories I've ever seen. If I ever become rich, they will design every bed and bathroom in my house. Their stuff is perfect, ya'll. And guess who won the drawing for one of their coverlets? This chick right here! Ya ya! I never win anything and so you can bet I was elated. Once I get it in and take a nap on it, I will then style it and show you all it in all it's glory. I' pretty pumped.

Sunday we headed to the Aldredge House for a brunch that made me feel fancier than Caroline Stanbury. Once again these ladies went above and beyond what this country girl could have imagined. It was magical. We ate quiche off antique plates and sipped out of 50 year old glasses. We took pictures in front of a tasseled photo-booth (so blogger of us) and got gifts like I never imagined. Just like Oprah, everyone is going home with a pair of Joules Wellies! By the way, Joules was one of the weekend's sponsors and I am now slightly obsessed with their clothing. It is classic and so well made. Gorgeous stuff right there!

As if Wellies weren't enough, we all got a number and were able to go and pick out a gift of our liking. And here is where things get crazy. So, has anyone ever heard of Lily Jade designer diaper bags? I have only seen them on Grace and some other (larger than life, like Grace) bloggers, but since, obviously, I don't have a child I never thought to own one of their bags. That was until it was my turn to pick an item and Grace held me at Lily Jade bag-point and told me to "get the bag." So I did. Because what Grace Patton tells me to do, I do. If you're wondering, I got this beauty; The Caroline in black It is way beyond my diaper bag level, but I'm in love.

But seriously, I walked out of that room to a line of girls going, "YOU GOT THE LILY JADE BAG? I DIDN'T THINK THEY HAD ANY LEFT!?" Which they didn't...but they put one out right before I walked in. I had a moment of guilt until I realized that these genius bags have a removable diaper bag portion where I can convert this designer bag into a regular purse! No wonder people were trying to barter with me. It is kinda hard to explain, but just go to their website and that will be less confusing than teacher Tucker over here butchering the description of a designer bag. Look for this bag in an upcoming fashion post! Chris Tucker couldn't believe his brown eyes when I walked in and showed him my new diaper bag. I think my ovaries were singing while his swimmers wanted to drown. Then I showed him this picture and I think I just freaked him into 2020 for baby making.

PS: If I look as good as this baby's mom after I have a human, then I know magic is real.
skirt here // shoes here // bag here 
Sadly things started winding down. I was able to chat off a couple people's (okay, Bridget's) ear and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also a sweet surprise when I saw that this sessy lady was photographing the event with Jenni! I have known Shalyn for a little over a year now and she is just precious! 

Joanna, Taylor, me, and Amber
Now I'm home and having a Hundred Event hangover complete with a weak stomach due to missing so many ladies and a head ache from the knowledge I've gained this weekend. 

If you ever get the chance to attend a blogging conference of some kind, do it! I promise, promise, promise you won't regret it!

And thanks to Lauren, Megan, Bridget, and Grace for providing a weekend of learning and laughter, but most importabtly, a weekend to foster those lifelong friendships that come with the territory of blogging!

And to Amber, my other half this weekend. Thanks for tagging along with me and supporting me and this blog of mine. I'm so blessed our blogs have made our families real life friends. You're the patty to my melt, sista!

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  8. This weekend was so amazing and it was so nice to meet you Sarah! You're just the sweetest, and considering you're just a 121 drive away, we might have to sync up in the future so I can hear more about you. :) You definitely wrapped up how this amazing weekend went, and I cannot wait to attend the next one.

    1. Wasn't it the best? I keep looking at pictures hoping that it really isn't over! It was so nice to meet you and definitely let me know if you want to get together! Can't wait until next year!

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