College is not a dream, it's a plan.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I saw this quote on another teacher's board and it really stuck with me. Something I want to focus on this year is helping them realize that college is in their plan. It isn't a dream, it isn't someplace they hope to go, it is just the next step after high school.

For my cherubs, most of them are the first ones to go to school. When, not if, they graduate, they will be the first to accomplish graduation. So, to think that college is the plan, and not the dream is huge.

Being in my classroom all week is getting me pumped for this coming Monday! Tonight is Meet the Teacher and I can't wait to meet some of my new babies!!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. What beautiful inspiration for them! Hope tonight goes well!

  2. That's an awesome mantra! I think that was my mentality going through high school, but mostly because I grew up around it being the norm, not the exception. Since moving to an area with much more of a blend of socioeconomics, I've seen such a different attitude - whether college is a dream they wish for, or just another option, maybe - which makes me sad! I hope you can get each and every one of your students to go after college.

  3. What a great quote!! I work in a college setting and the earlier we can help prepare our students for their futures, the better! Thanks for all you are doing to help them with their plan. :)

  4. Great Quote! You are going to be such an inspiring teacher this year--I can already tell :)


  5. You're such a great teacher Mrs. Tucker. :)

  6. What a great inspiration - when does school start? We started on the 14th.