I Admit 5 Things

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A picture I once sent to my girlfriend in college who then sent it to Chris when we were first dating...#embarrassing
1. I admit...Germs don't gross me out. I eat things off the floor, don't care if someone eats off my plate, and don't freak out when someone drinks out of my glass. I do, however, always wash my hands after using the bathroom and, now that I am back in school, I wash my hands more often because my babies are the most sanitary things on the planet. Chris on the other hand is a hand sanitizer freak. But, on the flip side, he will gut a deer then rinse his hands with water out of a jug, then eat a burger. Makes no sense to me.

2. I admit...I am sort of a freak when it comes to the sheets in my bed. The flat sheet and the comforter have to be perfectly lined up or we have to ge tout of bed and fix it. I cannot sleep if the sheet is way far up by your face and the comforter is like a foot lower. Drives me nuts.

3. I admit...I'd rather mow the lawn than do laundry. When mowing the lawn you can get in a workout, tan, and listen to music uninterrupted....three things you can't do while doing laundry.

4. I admit...My best friend and I used to get on AOL instant messenger and tell people we were twins that drove fancy cars and our dad was a doctor. We were basically 'catfishing' over decade ago.

5. I admit...I cry at all things sappy. Commercials, sob stories on reality shows like American Idol, weddings on TV, etc. Chris thinks it is so weird, but I seriously can't help it! 

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  1. I'm with you on #1 and I've never thought of mowing the lawn that way...when we one day have a lawn to mow I may have to remember that. :)

  2. Haha great post! I agree with crying at things even commercials haha! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  3. hahaha i cry over everything too. stump my toe? tears. spill a jug a milk? tears. and i'm not weird about germs either. sappy teary eyed non germ haters unite!

    A @ as the wine cork turns

  4. Shows like American Idol and those talent shows always make me cry! I'm just so happy that those people are chasing their dreams. And now that I'm thinking about it, yeah I'd rather mow the yard then do laundry.

  5. I am totally with you on#1! My hubs thinks its so weird--but my mom says thats why me and my sister never get sick--because she exposed us to so many germs ha!


  6. oh man the sheets and comforter thing not lining up drives me CRAZY!!

    i too could careless about germs. they are everywhere. what is seriously going to happen to me. i dont like sharing drinks though. the particles freak me out when they come from someones mouth and end up in my drink HAHA ew that was so gross.

  7. I am with you on the sappy stuff - the Folgers commercials get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  8. Same here about the sheets!! I am so glad Im not the only one!


  9. Good, then we can cry together and when my food falls on the floor, it won't go to waste ;) Now all we need to do is plan this said gathering!

  10. lol, you're so cute and so funny. I'd do the lawn any day. I cry all the time. I think every episode of Gray's Anatomy, when I was watching it, had me at tears and the end, every time! lol Josh would just stare at me and shake his head in laughter.

    1. The lawn has become my favorite chore! And, yes, the tears...they are sometimes out of control!

  11. My kiddos love soapy soap and they do whatever they can to get their hands on it!

  12. Too funny about the sheets on your bed! I can't sleep if our closet doors are open. I have made my husband get out of bed and close them. He thinks I'm nuts.

  13. If you cry at everything DO.NOT. go see the movie If I Stay. Ugh! I knew it was going to be sad but had no idea that from 10 minutes in until the ending credits I would be literally sobbing the entire movie. Don't do it girl!