WIWW: Where am I + Link Par-tay

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where am I?
Literally, I am in Texas. Mentally, I am not quite sure. Bloggingly, I am over here.
You are here and you should be there.  
It is Wednesday, and I am bossy, and lacking brainpower. 
These videos about tax accountants aren't made for no reason people!
Tax season is in full swing, so make me happy and link up a cute outfit with Alisa and I, wontcha :)
Link up any outfit and link back to our blogs. 
Want to see my full outfit? I already told you once, don't make me tell you again. Go here!
Linking up with Because Shanna Said So, The Pleated Poppy, Get Your Pretty On, and Rolled Up Pretty!


  1. You look adorable in glasses! I feel for you during tax season, ugh... It's bad enough doing our own.

  2. Your guest post was so fun!!! And your pictures couldn't be any cuter!!! And thanks for the love yesterday! You rock my socks off!

  3. Cute outfit - I haven't even thought about starting my taxes! Have a great week!

  4. Love your guest post! That jacket is so cute, I can't believe another blogger sent it to you - how sweet!!! Loving our link-up today too, lots of great outfits!

  5. So, so love that jacket! It's adorable as is that photo of you!

  6. Yay! I linked up for my first outfit post! Don't think it's NEARLY as good as yours though! lol. That jacket is adorable! Great piece...can't wait to see what other goodies were in the box sent to you. :)

    1. So cute! Thanks for linking up!! You did GREAT!!

  7. CUTE glasses! And you are beautiful!