Post-baby Style || Suggestions Wanted

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let me start by saying that I've loved being pregnant! With that said, I'm getting to the really ready to meet my little guy point and my assortment of clothes is running low. Add in the out of season temps that have been happening in Texas and my wardrobe is confused.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dreaming about what I'll wear after Graham is here. Since we will be welcoming summer soon after his arrival, I put together my summer inspiration of how my post-baby style will be.

Starting at the top left and going clockwise:

- Button down dresses: Hello? It's me. The most practical and wonderful dresses on the planet. Perfect for the nursing mom who wold rather not show off the post-baby body in skin tight anything.

- Stud earrings: I've babysat too many times to know that anything other than a stud should be deemed "before baby." I'm not all into the child ripping on my earrings and jewelry, so thankfully my stud stockpile is already pretty hefty.

- Nursing bras: Not that anyone will know what undergarment I'm wearing, but I figured I'd add these to the list since they will become a staple in my new wardrobe.

- One-piece swimsuits: I'm not saying I won't ever try to fit into a two-piece again, but since I'll be birthing a child in April, I'm not sure this summer is my year to rock the two-piece. Luckily most of the one-pieces are just as cute, if not cuter, than a lot of two-pieces!

- Flip-flops: I can imagine I won't have time to tie my own shoes with a newborn, so I'll make it easy on myself and invest in some cute and comfy flip-flops. I love the rose gold ones!

- A giant beach bag: Even when you're not headed to the beach, a beach bag is a must in Texas during the summer because you never know when you'll end up at a pool. This year I have a feeling my beach bag will look a little different than ever before :) Little swim diapers make me swoon.

- Button down pajamas: All I've heard is that button downs are the way to go to ensure it is easy for you to feed at anytime during the night. I've always been a t-shirt sleeper, so I'm excited to feel all grown up with me real pj's.

All you moms out there...what other post-baby suggestions do you have?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Umm....let me just say nursing bras have come a long way!! I seriously lived in stretch shorts and maternity tank tops for awhile. I honestly preferred tops that lifted up easier than button downs while nursing it just seemed easier and believe it or easier for me to keep from accidently flashing someone.

  2. That bag is adorable!! And you are going to look even more so with a cutie pie baby boy in your arms in just a few short weeks!! Eeeeep! <3 #gbaby

  3. I really love nursing tanks. I'd wear those and throw on an open-front cardigan. Great in my opinion for just being around home. I totally get the button up PJs, but you might be better off with a tee so you don't have to mess with buttons when you're half asleep. They are darn cute though.