Hospital Bag Recommendations + Our Weekend

Monday, February 29, 2016

This weekend was so full and fun! 

Friday after school I got home and opened the mail and look what welcomed me! A fresh faced Chris reppin' the front of the alumni game flyer. Bringing it back all the way to 2006! He was cute then, but I'm a biggg fan of the beard :)

Saturday my dad, Chris, and I went to brunch on the McKinney square. After we had fully bellies, I headed to my friend Kim's baby shower (pictured at the top). She is due with a baby girl four days after me! There are so, so many girls being born. Graham is going to have no problem finding a date that we approve of, haha!

After the shower I headed to Buy Buy Baby to get the final things for G before he arrives in a little over five, FIVE weeks or less. When I got home I was in full on nesting mode and Chris and I were able to start hanging things in his nursery. 

How cute are these Honest Co. diapers?! Seriously!

I'd be lying if I didn't say I might have walked/done too much Saturday. I was really pooped when I got home mid-afternoon. I ended up going to sleep at 8:30pm and not waking up until almost 9:00am Sunday morning. 

Sunday was a productive day. We worked more on the nursery and I started doing baby laundry. We had to go get Chris's iphone screen fixed at the Apple store, and I ended up with a new phone while we were at the mall!

I also got the final things I need (I think) for the hospital stay and am taking recommendations on what I really NEED while there. I've read so many "What to pack in your hospital bag" posts that I think I might be throwing in the towel and going with the "we live five minutes away from the hospital" method. So many opinions and "must haves!"

But, I still would love to hear what you all recommend!

This week is the week before Spring Break, so that is my motivation to be excited all week long! Happy Monday!


  1. Yay for almost being at Spring Break! And Good that you are getting the laundry done now...I figured I would wait till after I went on maternity leave to do it, and then we had a small scare with high blood pressure, and I realized I shouldn't wait for maternity leave to get stuff done, haha! Oh and the hospital seriously don't need much. Tooth brush, toothpaste, face wash/cream, shampoo stuff (I was able to take a shower, which was really nice) and your going home outfit and baby going home outfit...I didn't want to change into my own PJ's because I didn't want to ruin them with blood and stuff. So I just used the hospital gown and the granny undies they give you, haha. Plus I lived close to the hospital too, so hubby just went home to get stuff for me.

  2. Just welcomed our little girl 3 weeks ago and here is what I learned from my hospital stay.
    -bring bath towels... Hospital towels are thin and tiny. I used 3 each shower to dry off!
    -I LOVED the hospital undies! Never wore my own until I got home
    -have your hubby bring his own pillow. They gave me 2 pillows and him only 1
    -I wanted to wear my own clothes after the first day especially because hospital gowns are hard to keep closed when you have visitors 😬
    -buy nursing tanks... Best purchase ever!
    Good luck! Delivery was an incredible experience and being a mom is truly the best!!!!

  3. I got my friend a belly wrap from Amazon... the one from the hospital gets kinda gross

  4. I recommend, along with your bag, to pack a husband bag. Everyone I know has done that and the husband's have loved it!

  5. Hairbands, light makeup, comfy but not expensive pj's. Everyone always said to wear a gown verses top/bottom pj's but I was just more comfy in the latter. want to pack a few snacks for you & for Chris! Chapstick...I totally remember my lips getting so chapped.

  6. You're getting so close! My hospital bag must haves are nursing tanks, slippers or flip flips, comfy pj pants or sweats and open front cardigans.

  7. I couldn't stand the hospital gown so I always had comfy clothes - pj pants, nursing tank and a cardigan. I immediately got into my normal clothes almost as soon as I had my babies, that's how much I hate the hospital gowns! Ok, if there was one MUST HAVE to take, it's this nipple cream.
    SERIOUSLY! Don't take this suggestion lightly. 😜 The hospital stuff is terrible and everyone I've ever given or recommended this to has thanked me ;) Your nipples will thank you later. I always had two on hand so I could keep one at home or put one in the diaper bag.

    You look amazing. I'm so excited for you guys!!

  8. I had a baby 3 months ago. I was induced but ended up with a c-section at 3am. I went in on a Monday afternoon and left Thursday around lunch. I was in bed rest for almost 2 days so I just wore the hospital gown. I only took a shower once because of it. Bring your own towel and pillow. Make sure your husband has his own pillow and a blanket. Mine was freezing at night and was sleeping under my robe and blankets. I drank SO MUCH water and my tiny little hospital jug was not big enough so I would bring a big insulated cup next time. Also take a hair dryer! I never used my robe - I just wore yoga pants with a tie waist, a tank top and a sweater. I wore sneakers - I felt so drugged up and unstable I felt like I needed a closed shoe. You will be shocked how big you still are and you get puffy so don't take clothes that are smaller than 6 months. For the baby you honestly don't need anything - just a few outfits if you want to play dress up!

  9. I was really surprised on how little you actually need. I'm not even sure I used anything from my bag!lol. I ended up having a csection after induction never worked. So I just wore the hospital gown. Let's be real.. Lots of blood and I didn't want to stain anything nice. Take the undies supplied..they don't look nice but they do the trick. Slippers, lip balm, snacks, going home outfit, 2 outfits for the baby, shampoo, hairbrush and elastics. You seriously don't need much. I had bought everything to nurse and my daughter was almost 9 lbs. Milk is delayed by like a week if you have a csection so I wasn't able to feed her so I had to quickly switch to formula. I would hold on buying so much nursing stuff. Even though you want to, unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone. Which is totally okay! My daughter is healthy and strong. Just my personal advice as I was then stuck with all this nursing stuff which can be expensive if you can't use it.