Finally Friday + Things I'm Loving

Friday, February 19, 2016

Just some pictures to celebrate 33 weeks today!

I have so many random thoughts that all I could think to title this post was "Finally Friday," because that is how I feel. Finally it is Friday...I'm not sure I can last one more day.

It seems as the more pregnant I get, the more sleep I need. 7:30pm hits and it takes everything in me to not crawl in bed. Nesting has hit and Chris and I have been so diligent about putting the finishing touches on our kitchen. I am in cabinet clean out mode and donating everything in sight.

We got our house deep cleaned on Wednesday and have sent the dogs away to my in-laws for the week. My shower on Saturday is at our house, so I didn't want them to clean and then puppy hair be everywhere. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to come home to a sparkling house. They cleaned from top to bottom and I feel like we live in a whole new house!

Graham's room is almost done! I finally found the spot I want the recliner/glider to live and my aunt is finishing up lining his curtains. I know where I want to hang things on the walls, so now it is just a matter of us finding the time to finish it up!

On another note, here are some things I'm loving!!

- The Yeti tumbler. I know that is a lot to spend on a cup (we got ours for Christmas!), but I have to have ice in my drink and this cup keeps my water cold!! With teaching, I don't have the luxury to just hop up and go get ice when I want to, so I love being able to just keep water bottles at my desk to refill my cup...which has ice in it all day!

- My Converse sneakers. My feet have been killing me lately! I am down to only a few pairs of shoes that I can tolerate all day and my Converse are one. I was not a fan of them for years, but after having them for over a year now, I am on the Converse wagon!

- Maternity leggings. I am so thankful these are acceptable to wear while pregnant because I'm not sure I'd be able to survive without them. Everyday I wear a pair of leggings and a long tunic. Lately it has been really hot here in Texas, so I switch between my thin and thick leggings.

- The Matchmaker. I read this book a couple weeks ago and I cried at the end. Elin is my favorite author for a number of reasons, but mostly because I can't put her books down! SO good!

- Nexgen nails. For the last couple months I've been getting my nails done on a regular basis. I have been getting the Nexgen powder and I love it. Something about looking like a wreck, but having your nails done makes everything seem not so thrown together.

- My Tory Burch purse. For so long (10 years!) I carried my LV Speedy 35. As much as I adore that bag, it is like a black hole. Everything got lost inside and it was like a scavenger hunt looking for what you needed! With my new Tory bag I decided to get one with more pockets and compartments and it has been great. No more hide and seek with my belongings!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You look great!! Hope you have a fantastic shower!!! Ugh I want to get my house cleaned!!

  2. Coming home to a clean house is something I didn't appreciate until I was pregnant. Maybe because I can't do the cleaning and paying someone to come do it is SO worth it!!

  3. I loved that book!!

    I want to hire someone to clean our place. Heck I just want a maid ;)

  4. You are looking great! A clean house is such a blessing. So exciting..he will be here before you know it. What a perfect time to have a baby as a teacher! I'm assuming you will be able to stay home until the next school year.

  5. This Texas weather is no joke, my Yeti cups get used daily. I'm a recent convert to NexGen nails, they last so long!

  6. I have so many things to say, I don't know where to start! LOL! Your pics are adorable. You look so great pregnant, not that you want to be forever- but it's a great look on you :). I love my converse too, do you have the old classic ones or the new ones they were coming out with? I could do anything in them! And I am going to check out that book you posted about. I have been looking for some good books lately and just haven't gotten super interested in any!~

  7. I used to also be against converse but I got a pair last Spring and I wear them constantly!