Life Lately

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

With seven weeks before Graham is due, we have been busy, busy!

At almost 8 months pregnant we decided to renovate our kitchen! Chris worked his booty off and I can't wait to put the finishing touches on it to show y'all. 

Last weekend we had our first shower in my hometown. It was so fun to see people I've known my whole life come to celebrate Graham! When I find the energy, I will post some pictures!

On top of living with no kitchen, baby showers, and entering nesting mode, Sunday I got some 24 hour bug and felt pretty terrible all day. On the way back from Austin (to Dallas), my best friend had to pull the car over so I could throw up. It was not fun. All day I felt pretty crummy and that crummy feeling carried over to Monday.

Now that I am over that, I've been welcomed with the sinus infection bug. Yay! I've been managing with the few meds I can take, so fingers crossed it gets better in time for our second shower on Saturday.

I'm hoping to do a bumpdate Friday because a lot has changed in the last week. Read: HIP PAIN. Oh my gosh, some days I can hardly walk!!

Until then, I better get back to nesting :)


  1. I hear nesting is awesome because you start to find some things you've been missing when you start cleaning up ;)

  2. Hope you get to feeling better-you're in the homestretch! Can't wait to see pictures of your finished kitchen. Loving that granite ;) and also laughing out loud that not only do we have the same taste in granite but I have that same fruit stand/bowl on my counter. Great minds, I'm telling you!

    1. I'm so in love with that fruit bowl it is unreal! Great minds :)

  3. You look amazing! Love the dress!

  4. The kitchen is looking great! I am almost positive that I chose between that granite and one other...loved the tiny flake of color.