Master Bedroom || New Bed Frame

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I've accepted that I am just one of those people whose house is constantly evolving. Right when I think a room is done, I change it up.

Our bedroom has changed three times in the two years we've lived in this house.

The most recent change had to happen because we upgraded to a king bed from a queen. That meant we needed a whole new bed frame. We didn't just want a headboard, so I stalked the internet for months trying to find a bed we both liked.

Our only request was that it did not have upholstered sides. Bailey and Wrigley like to lay up against our bed and it always made our bed skirt so dingy, even if they were squeaky clean. I didn't want our bed to start looking dingy because of them laying next to it, so finding an upholstered headboard without upholstered sides was tricky.

Luckily we found one we both loved. It must be really popular because it was back-ordered for over a month, but we weren't really in a rush.

We went with the Whitten Bed from Wayfair. Y'all, we LOVE it! The "wood" is actually metal which makes it seem more durable. The color is perfect for the look we are going for and the headboard fabric is not too beige and not too white.

The assembly was really easy. Chris did it all himself and would let me lift a finger.

This room still has a long ways to go, but I am learning not to impulse buy just to fill space, and instead wait to find something I truly love.

On our queen bed we had the euro pillows and tons of decorative pillows. It was always such a pain when we wanted to go to bed. Where do we put 14 extra pillows?! They would always pile up on our window seat or get stacked in a corner. For this bed, I am thinking less is more.

First we had carpet, white lamps, and the bed was on the opposite wall that it is now.

Then we swapped out the lamps and made a wooden decorative piece for over the bed.

Then we got new floors and decided we wanted to bed on the opposite wall. 

 Now we have a new bed and mattress and no full bedding set, so who knows what will come next!


  1. I have made some pretty crappy impulse buys over the years regarding furniture so that is a super wise decision! Loving your bed choice.

  2. LOVE the new bed! The headboard is perfect!

  3. We had the same bedding (from your queen) that we got from our wedding registry! We went the opposite route though and went from King to queen when we moved. I love the new headboard!