WIWW: Printed Shorts + Link Up

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

After getting tons of (super sweet!) emails yesterday about where our couch/sofa table/picture frames are from, I have officially concluded that people do not read blogs, they look at them. Guilty right here as well! I say this because I said in my post yesterday where each item is from, but the comments still flooded in about where I got things. The truth is, this is a relief. It is much easier to just put pictures on a blog, so that's what I'll do today. Less talk, mo' pictures. 

Just to keep it short and sweet (since you're probably not reading this anyways - jokinggg, kinda) the printed shorts are from TJ MAxx, so there is no source. They were $12.99, so let me know if you find any similar so I can let all my peeps know. 

The pink top is also from TJ MAxx, so again, short and sweet. It was $9.99. Jealous yet?

And the most comfortable sandals ever are from Gap and I got them 40% off because I am a card member. Plus I had $50 in reward points, so they were technically fra-reee. Holla. If you really want them though, which you definitely need them because they are truly amazing, they are here.

A couple randoms to note:

- Yes, my thighs are fried. I got burnt to a crisp on Sunday at the Rangers game. I am aware that my shins and the backs of my legs are still white as white can be. Maybe I'll work on tanning my backside this weekend....

- Chris kept making me laugh throughout my pictures, soooo giggle pictures is what you get.

- 17 days until summer break, but who's counting? Ummm, every teacher in America is counting, that's who!

PS: People didn't read this post either because the world was freaking out about a "pregnancy announcement!" 

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post. 

- Write about something fashion related :)

PS: Thanks to everyone who has been linking up! After all this state re-testing/end of the year activities are done, I will get my life back and be able to read all my blogs again! Sorry for the lack in replies to posts and comments!

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Happy Wednesday! 

Thank you for linking up!

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  1. I really like this look! Such great colors and those shorts are super cute!


  2. i am crushing on those shorts.. i cant wait to have some warm weather so i can wear shorts again! thanks so much for hosting xx

  3. Those are the cutest shorts ever. And I love the more loose peplum, plus what a gorgeous vivid shade it is!! I wore shorts yesterday too - come take a peek.

    I will be catching up with your blog later today, also. Love your home decor posts. =)

    As always a pleasure linking up. Thanks for hosting, Sarah. =)

  4. Those shorts!! So cute! Now only if we had a Ross (see I'm reading!!)

    And the pups in that one picture, bahahha I love it.

  5. I got that shirt at TJ Maxx 2 months ago and have been scared to wear it! Now I'm convinced I must find shorts like that! Great outfit!

  6. Hey girl hey, have you been hitting the gym???? Look at those guns!! Daaaaaaang! I need your workout routine!! :)

  7. Love the color combination! Also love that the bottom of the shirts are scalloped! You can never go wrong with TJ Max :)

  8. Your adorable!! I love the color combo--Tj Maxx kills it every time :)


  9. OH I love those shorts! Where did you get them? haha, j/k :) I think I'm so funny. I never find anything that great at TJ Max, perhaps I have no patience on actually going through the racks of clothes...

  10. I have got to visit TJ Max!!! You find the cutest things!

  11. It's totally true--I get so many comments that make it obvious that people don't actually read the post. I'm more of a words blogger than a pictures blogger so I find that kind of crazy, but oh well, I guess it's the way of the world!

  12. Oh my gosh I LOVE those shorts - the scallop is so cute! I used to work at TJ Maxx and seriously bought SO much stuff haha


  13. Love those shorts! They are so cute!

  14. Loooooooove those shorts! So cute!!! :)


  15. Seroiusly...that top with those shorts..adorbs! Where did you get them?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! JK ;) And for the prices..jealy. Cracking up at the fur babies.

  16. Those shorts are so cute!

    Linking up - my outfit posts are few an far between but I get excited to join ya when I can :)

  17. You are looking adorable, your legs in those shorts! AH-MAZ-ING! I love how you paired the bright top with those shorts, such a super cute look. You're a style guru! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire