A Date With Myself

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ya'll, I have a confession which shouldn't shock anyone who has been around this blog for sometime.
We got a new sectional (reveal coming later this week) and I am 100% convinced that the moment you lay on it, you fall asleep. Take Friday night for example. Chris and I got home from the gym, showered, and ate. We started a movie and laid on our new couch. It was 7:45 when I last looked at the clock and I remember nothing after that except somehow I ended up in my bed...
Saturday morning I was up, naturally, at 6:30am. I guess when you fall asleep at 8:00pm, sleeping in until 6:30am is awesome! Off to my laser hair removal appointment I went. On my way I was greeted with these hot air balloons. Something about these giant balloons floating in the air is memorizing.
After my appointment I headed home for a day full of yard work. I have agreed to start helping Chris with the yard work since we now have a giant corner lot. That meant I was delegated the job of mowing.
I was taking a break from manual labor...
No need to explain how fun that was (rolling eyes now...) so we deserved a nice dinner out of the house. Buca di Beppo was calling our name, so we, along with Chris's parents, gorged ourselves on Italian food followed by, none other than, Marble Slab. Duh. 
We got back home and laid on the couch. Yes, the new couch and bammm, out like a light. I just remember waking up at 10:00pm and telling Chris I was going to bed. I am guessing I was a little bit exhausted this weekend! I will confess that these past couple weeks have been rough with all the state testing!
A rough sneak peak at some of my HomeGoods finds.
Sunday was a whole date day with myself! After having breakfast with Chris and kissing his off to Indiana for work, I headed to HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Macy's, and then to a movie...all by myself, and it was fabulous! I had really been wanting to see The Other Woman and it was just as good as I had hoped! I got to have a Coke Icee and superrrr buttery popcorn all to myself!
The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning out my closet and doing things around the house.
I am counting down the days until summer break!! 23 school days if anyone was wondering...
Happy Monday!

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  1. Gotta love a good couch!! Love your photos behind the couch too :)


  2. Omgsh sounds like such a fun weekend! And honestly I love date days that are just for myself :) My hubby thinks it so strange that I would go to a movie alone--but I LOVE it and no one is there to steal my popcorn ha!


  3. oh I love the pictures behind the couch and all the knick-knacks on the table.

  4. Ok, LOVE the sneak peek at your HomeGoods finds!!! And no need to set up a guest room when I visit...sounds like I will just be sleeping on the new couch haha

  5. My sweet old souls!! You guys are the best! And yay for a date day alone...there is something so exciting and adventurous about going to a movie by yourself...or am I just weird? Bring on summer!! Wooooooo-hooooooo!!

  6. going to bed early is amazing. and i can already tell how freaking cute your house is. honestly love thoes white picture frames i need to steal that idea for my house!

  7. 23 days… come on summer!!!!!!!!

  8. my addiction to home goods is problematic. at least for my wallet.

  9. how fun to see hot air balloons! love it! what a fun time!

  10. We recently just moved into a corner lot as well! Since this is the first home we have had where we are in charge of lawn care, my husband is all about it, so luckily for me I have yet to have to agree to the same time of arrangement! Hot air balloons are amazing! I want to ride in one, but am slightly terrified!!

  11. Sometimes those are the best kind of dates right? ;)

  12. haha you totally deserve a break especially after manual labor. Love the HomeGoods finds!

    Thanks for supporting MMG :)

  13. What an amazing and fulfilling weekend to spend on your own. =) Loved reading it.