Pinterest Recipes: Hits and Misses

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1. Hit - like a major hit. I cook these for any gathering we are having and they are the first thing gone. I made them yesterday for a retirement party at school and they were delicious! I mean, anything wrapped in bacon is delicious, right?

Recipe here.

2. Hit - well my version was. There is no source, but I adapted based on the picture. I might or might not have used string cheese as the filling...

You can read my modified version of this recipe here.

3. Miss - I think I a) messed up the butternut squash somehow by adding too much olive oil, b) wasn't patient enough, and c) just don't care for the taste. Real noodles it is for the Tucker household. 

Recipe here.

4. Miss - once again, I don't think I was patient enough. I cooked the potato for the recommended time and they were still hard as a rock. Fail.

Recipe here

PS: I obviously did not write the comment on that pin.

5. Hit hit hit - SO good! Baked corn dogs with turkey dogs. I could eat them all day long!

Recipe here.

6. Hit, but also a MAJOR miss - after scarfing half the batch of these babies I found out I was highly allergic to flax seed. That was quite the adventure of hives and a swollen throat! If you are not allergic to anything in this recipe, then these are a must make!

Recipe here.

7. Hit - I made this fish last night and it was mouth-watering. Chris's parents gave us some fresh fish they caught this weekend and I remembered I had just pinned this pin, so we tried it out. So good, and so easy...and fast!

Recipe here.

8. Hit - my most used and favorite Pinterest recipe yet are these yellow cake cookies. You can use the same ingredients with any type of cake mix and I have yet to meet a cookie made this way that I didn't like.

Recipe here.

9. Miss - When I tried to roll up my corn tortillas, they just kept cracking. It was a huge fail and so I just tore up all the tortillas and threw it all in a Pyrex dish and baked it. It was gross. Definite miss. And to be honest, I even deleted the pin so I had to go back and find it.

Recipe here.

10. Miss - unless you eat them before you freeze them...then they are a win! I just didn't like the texture of the frozen banana, but not frozen, they were delicious. Obviously though, right?

Recipe here.

Well, there you have it, ten of my Pinterest recipe hits and misses.

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  1. Love reading your blog! Did you use butternut squash on #3? I think the picture is of spaghetti squash. We use spaghetti squash in place of noodles all the time!

  2. funny you put the spaghetti squash down, my friend just told me she did this and her family HATED it, refused to eat it...haha. I've seen that potato one and wanted to try it...if I do, and it's a hit, I'll let ya know! And that first one, yum! You make me want to actually try some of the food pins I've pinned!

  3. Listen, I still feel bad about the energy balls!

  4. Omgsh I have some many food pins pinned, but never seem to try many--love hearing your real life experience with them!! Poor things with the flaxseeds--yikes! And I have tasted the bacon and brown sugar dogs in the first pics and they are AHHmazing :)


  5. Ok so #4 - I have mastered those puppies but I agree, the recipe cook time is way off. They are so delicious though. Love this post!

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