WIWW: Palazzo Pants + Link Up

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I found these pants at Ross a couple weeks ago for $11. I wore them last week to school and a kindergartner asked me why I was wearing my pajamas to school. Touche, little one, touche.
Not only are they are comfy as pj's, but they are are cool enough to wear in these hot summer spring months. 

The only random I have for today is that there are 12.5 days of school left and I couldn't be more ready!
Now for the link up!
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PS: Thanks to everyone who has been linking up! After all this state re-testing/end of the year activities are done, I will get my life back and be able to read all my blogs again! Sorry for the lack in replies to posts and comments!

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Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I love the pattern of your pants! I just got a pair myself as a swim suit cover up, but if I can get away with them during the day without Troy disowning me :) I'm totally going to wear them. Hope you're having a great week- thanks for hosting us!

  2. I LOVE those pants! They are super cute, and look really comfy too.

  3. I am loving this trend right now!


  4. I am loving the palazzo pants! I've yet to get a pair though because there's so many different & fun patterns! I might have to search my Ross' to see if I can find a good deal like that!!

  5. Love those pants! So cute and so comfy looking I love the print and the pop of red in the top
    Please drop by PP linkup

  6. I love those pants. I have similar ones and one of my students said the same thing to me! Kids can be so funny! Great easy look!


  7. I'm kind of crushing on palazzo pants right now. They look so comfy! I might have to get some! Lucky you on finding some for so cheap. And yay for the end of the school year! :)


  8. You seriously find the best deals! Love those palazzo pants, I think I might need to jump on this band wagon and get me a pair.

  9. Amazing palazzo pants! This print is fab!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  10. Printed PJ pants for the win...girl, I LOVE all the ones I have!! Score on your ones from Ross! Summer countdown begins....I am not sure if I am happy or scared....LOL!!

  11. Those pants were such a great deal! I absolutely love them on you!! I really need to give palazzo pants a try.


  12. I need to go check out Ross. Since I usually have a 4 year old with me, I never go anywhere. Which is why I have been wearing the same clothes for a couple years. LOL

  13. Love the palazzo pants, but yes, they do have a tendency to look like pajamas if you don't know what they are. Even my mom makes fun of me!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  14. Super cute pants! But I will say...the dress code for teachers sure has changed! My friend (who is also a teacher) bought a similar pair recently and I was shocked she could wear them to school. I can't remember seeing a teacher in anything but a suit of some sort.


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