I confess..

Thursday, May 15, 2014

- This picture. Oh my word!

- This picture caught my eye because I obviously fell in love with a baseball player, but the fact that he is throwing with the wrong foot totally ruins it for me. 
- I devoured an entire medium pizza by myself last night while Chris was having a guy's night.
- I am in survival mode these last couple weeks before summer.
- I am a great blogger the first half of the week and the last half, I struggle.
- This sign at our CiCi's cracked Chris and I up!
- Wrigley has been in a mood lately. I think he is hitting his teenage years!
- I looked up on care.com to see if I wanted to nanny this summer. After about two minutes I woke up from that terrible idea!
What do you confess?!

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  1. Bailey just needs to put Wrigs in his place!! :)

  2. Hehe I LOVE that first picture of the baby and dogs--ahh heart melting :) And omgsh now I am craving Cici's and eating a whole lot more than a medium pizza ha!


  3. I am finding the same struggle these past couple of months with blogging too...great start to the week and come Thursday and Friday...nada. Sounds Mr. Wrigs is hitting puberty...his mindset is probably that parents just don't understand haha

  4. That first shot!! Omg too cute!!