Opinions, please!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Since I was not blessed with perfect vision (although thankful for the vision I have!) I have the luxury of sprucing up my outfits with fun glasses, or resort to my contacts. I wear daily contacts and they are so expensive! I try to wear my glasses at least three days a week to save some money, but with the summer months coming, I really want to mix up the look of my regular glasses!

That's where Warby Parker comes into play. You see, they have this thing (a really great thing) where you can order five pairs of glasses to try on...for free! Then, you decide which ones you like, send them all back, and they send you the frames you choose with your prescription in them! It's as easy as that!

What is even better is that today they are launching their Summer 2014 collection. Now, based on their Spring 2014 collection, I am so excited to order my five pairs to try on. I am thinking of taking a risk with some colored frames...

But for now, if I stick to the less colorful ones, these are the five that are headed my way.

I am really digging the Welty, but I think I'll make my final decision later today when the new Summer 2014 collection comes out!! 

What do you think? Have you ever ordered from Warby Parker?! I'd love to hear what you think and be sure to go check out their new Summer 2014 collection!



  1. LIking the Welty ones too. What a great idea, although it always takes me way more than 5 pairs to find ones that I like when I go into the store. I bought a pair of pink coach ones, those were fun. Currently I'm rocking a black pair, but it has teal color inside, which is fun. :)

  2. Totally diggin the Welty... Adorable :)

  3. Burke then Aslin in 2nd place!

  4. I like Welty as welll...but Aslin is my next choice! I don't wear contacts or glasses but I secretly wish I could wear glasses without looking like a dork.