High Five For a Snow Day!

Friday, December 6, 2013

1. Snow day! This teacher hasn't got out of bed and it is 10:17am. 

2. Since I am trapped inside I am basically forced to finish decorating for Christmas and clean. Less emphasis on the latter.

3. I was at a teacher training yesterday, so this is basically a mini vacation. I'll take what I can get!

4. Christmas movies all week long, and continuing throughout the day.

5. Coffee. High five for that little gem.

What is your Friday like?! I am currently listening to is sleet. I would look out the window, but that would require getting out of bed :)

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  1. we are supposed to fly out of DFW tomorrow to go to Coloardo!! this storm is having such bad timing!!! we got a hotel right next to the airport and will be driving up there this afternoon, i hope some of the roads are clear so we can get there!! :(

  2. Love our unexpected day off!! I was at a training tomorrow and have one Monday so this is a short vacay!! Enjoy your day!

  3. Have a great day off! I am celebrating as well! :)

  4. DANG that's a lot of snow!!! We're supposed to get some tomorrow but I'm hoping it's not THAT much! Enjoy your long weekend! :)

  5. that's awesome!! i'm in the office, all alone, it's gloomy and all I want to do is nap!!! enjoy the weekend :)

  6. I soooo wish my Friday looked like this instead of my cold office. Haha. So I will make up for it Saturday and Sunday ;)

  7. I think the snow and ice was fun for about a day. Now I want out of my house!!! And I don't feel like it's safe to take a baby out on the roads until they are super duper clear, so I may be trapped in here for days! Glad you got the day off though, that's always nice ;)

  8. Nice hope you enjoyed your rest. We're supposed to get some snow here in Jersey tonight. Kind of hoping for a snow day for my daughter!