The Tucker Tree

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taken with my 50mm 1.4 that I am not supposed to get and use until Christmas...oops. I also have no idea how I took this picture, but I love it!

Another fun bohka shot. Don't ask me how many times I tried to google "booka", "bookeh", and "bookah".  

To be honest, I am not in love with the 'colorful' Christmas idea. A couple years ago I went to Target the day after Christmas and they had tons of colorful ornaments on super-sale. Like super-super sale. So, colorful it is. I don't hate it, I just one day far-far away want to get a pre-lit, white, 10-footer and cover it with cliche green and red ornaments.

Until my cliche Christmas dreams come true, I will plop a cliche, giant red bow on top and call it merry! 

Here is last years tree, just for giggles. 

Chris was not a fan of last year's tree topper. Party pooper. He isn't much for those curly, glittery things. Men, meh. 

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  1. Michael believes in old school Christmas everything and so our tree use to be colorful lights, not even cute colored old school ornaments, and these terrible stockings. I am slowly changing things and definitely went with the cliches green and red with some pops of gold and silver glitter.

  2. I love colorful lights. Not that I don't like the solid color ones either but I will forever have color! Looks good :)

  3. haha I did a whole post on my blog the other day about the big debate between colored and white lights. I'm so team white lights but the bf feels differently!! xo

  4. Your first shots are so pretty with the bokeh (such a weird word)! There are definitely ornaments that I've bought over the years and now am not in love with!

  5. I love your tree friend!!!! And looks who is all profesh with their new lens? I have yet to master the blurry/pretty christmas tree shot haha.

  6. Love the first shots.. so cute!!

  7. I LOVE that first photo! So gorgeous! And your tree is so beautiful!

  8. Love your bokeh shots! I think your tree looks awesome. I am a big fan of white lights but my husband loves the colored so we went with those this year :) Would love for you to join my holiday link-up!!

    XO Samantha

  9. I love your tree!! I went ahead and splurged on the huge pre-lit tree and it was worth it... I will never have to buy another tree (well for a long time anyway)!