WIWW: Countdown + Link Up

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not that I am counting down the days, but Christmas break is in two days...not counting today, of course. To say I am excited it an understatement. Here are some things I am looking forward to:

- Not hearing, "Mrs! Mrs! Mrs. Tucker! Mrs. Tuck! Mrsssss!!!" yelled at me for seven hours a day
- Sleeping in later than 5:30am
- Not having to drive an hour to work and an hour back
- Getting to eat lunch at a humans pace, not a starving dogs pace
- Seeing my family
- Spending quality time with my 'boyfriend for life'

This year we are spending Christmas with my family, so I am not looking forward to traveling, but I am blessed to be able to spend that quality time with them.

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Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. 'Boyfriend for life'. HA! Love it. :)

  2. ahh, i love those gingham shirts!!!

    great countdown list, my favorite is being called all types of different names from your students, and "boyfriend for life" hehe.

  3. I'm a 5th grade teacher and I must say the biggest perk of non-school lunch is the "human" eating pace. I'm looking forward to it! Only a teacher can understand!!

  4. You make my love for plaid grow haha. And yay for Christmas break! I am counting down with you...I plan on not being in "normal" clothes from the 20th to the 2nd. Ok, maybe I'll at least put on a cute outfit for new years ;)

  5. I soooooo wish I had Christmas break! Lol! We work half days next week, but not waking up early would be SO nice! Have fun!

  6. I'm only a full time sub and I cannot wait til christmas break! I need a break, ha!

  7. 5:30 am every day?!! I would DIE. You poor thing! How do you always manage to look so cute on that little sleep? I'd be a grumpy, ugly mess! Haha.

  8. You are too precious friend. Every time I see this shirt pop up on your blog, it makes me want it more and more. I have a banana republic gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket! WE ARE SO CLOSE!