DIY Burlap Christmas Wreath

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I felt like I wasn't a true DIY blogger unless I had tackled a burlap wreath. Now you can call me official. 

I won't say it is my favorite, but I love its simplicity. I am still adoring my other wreath I made...and the people of Pinterest seem to be thinking the same!

If you are wondering how I did it...well, just Google DIY burlap wreath and a plethora of videos will be at your fingertips.

I will say that Hobby Lobby was out of the 16" wire wreath making things (what is their official name?) So I went with the only other option, the 24", and I wish I would have waited and gone smaller. I feel like this wreath took about 60 feet of burlap ribbon, but it is what it is!

My plan is to change out the bow so I can use this as my 'year-around' wreath. People have those, right?

Have you ever made a wreath? A burlap one? How was your wreath making experience?


  1. Cute! I doubt I could pull this off... The best I can do is spray paint things and I don't even manage to do that very well! haha


  2. This is cute! It's similar to the one I made for Thanksgiving!

  3. Sooooo cute!!! Teach how to burlap like that!!!

  4. You did awesome friend. I love it! I'm putting it on my to do list for the break which starts TOMORROW! woohoo! Have a great Friday with your friends my love! Text you soon about our plans to MEEEEEEEET!

  5. I recently made one too! I'm unsure about the size of mine, I feel it is just so big. I got our initials cut out from a bargain website and put that in the center to help "balance" out the biggness and it made me like it more. I do love how just changing the bow or adding something small can make it look new!

  6. I made mine a few weeks ago as well. My boyfriend tried to help out and also bought the 24" wire box frame (that's the correct name lol) and it was a little excessive and took quite a bit of burlap to finish. I made another smaller one for his parents and am much happier. I too plan on keeping it year round in my office at work, I love the rustic look! I love how easy they are to make and thought I would attempt at selling them on etsy.. no luck yet haha