The best nail colors ever

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When you work all day and try to sleep all night, you don't have much time for a manicure. And I start to feel guilty about the moolah being spent on something I can do at home. Don't get me wrong, I love getting manis and pedis, but sometimes I would just rather not physically go to the nail salon.

Last Friday when I was at Ulta I cam across these two colors from Sally Hansen. I am a huge fan of her insta-dry line of polishes. Does it instantly dry? No. Does it dry significantly faster than other polishes? Yes! I put on a base coat and two coats of polish and my nails stay perfect for at least a week. I love it! 

This greyish/blueish color (Grease Lightening) is possibly my most favorite of all time. I already decided that when I have a little girl her room will be these two colors. The gold color (Go for Gold) is actually thick enough that I only put on one coat. I hate the glittery polishes that are transparent. 

Needless to say, I am diggin' this color combo. My fifth grade girls thought it was soooo cool that I painted an "accent finger." My girls are so hip :)

Chris on the other hand asked why the heck I painted one random nail a different color. Oh boys!

Have you tried Insta-Dry? Do you have any other favorite polish?!



  1. I will have to try that! I love Essie, it cost a bit more but I feel it is worth it because it last on my nails so long!

  2. they are gorgeous colors -- and colors I don't own yet! I might have to add these to my growing collection : )

  3. That gold would be awesome for Christmas parties! So pretty!

  4. Love the color combo! So fun yet a little festive for the holidays! Come paint mine!!?? I hate going to the salon too!

  5. Cute colors!! I haven't tried Insta Dry yet...but now I think I am going to!

  6. I usually keep a clear bottle of Insta Dry on my desk! haha I love OPI and use it mainly, but some days, I just stick on some clear Insta Dry. I'm horrible at biting/picking at my nails, so I have to do them all the time.

  7. Oh my gosh, I'm going to Target in a few minutes and they had better had that color!!! Yes, it's perfect, perfect!

  8. I had a guy at the gym ask me why I painted one nail a different color! LOL ...BOYS!!!

    Rachel Ashley

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