5 Most Used Baby Items

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Monday! I feel like I am still recovering from my show this weekend, but I am excited for today's post! Not that I am a seasoned mom or anything, but I do feel like things have changed a lot in recent years as far as baby items. So, if you're in the market for baby gear, this post is for you!

Besides the obvious being bottles, food, and other essentials, here are our 5 most used (and favorite!) baby items from Graham's first year.

- OXO Tot Sprout Highchair: I've you've watch any of my insta-stories (@SarahTuckerUp), you've seen Graham in his highchair. He is the funnies eater and we LOVE this highchair. Originally I registered and received a traditional, most cushy highchair. After thinking more and more about it, I figured the cushions/chair would be easier to clean on the OXO Tot. I traded the chairs out and haven't looked back!

- Jumperoo: I finally got some freedom back once G started to play in this thing. It is our most used baby toy and totally a life saver once he outgrew his swing. I can stick him in this and know (or assume I should say) he won't go anywhere. He doesn't play in it as much, but it is a great place to stick him if I need to leave the room for a minute.

- Walker: Even though the song on this toy haunts me in my dreams, it is one of G's favorite and watching him walk around the house is adorable. There is a reason it is a best-seller!!

- Bob Stroller: (It is $70 off right now!!) Now, I am not a runner at all. It is torture to me, but we do love getting out of family walks. I thought I wouldn't want/need a jogging stroller, but once I got one, there was no turning back. It is so much easier to maneuver over bumps in the road and G loves it! We use our Bob almost everyday. I keep our other stroller in the car for when we are out and about.

- Sound Machine: I am pretty sure we will forever need the sound of the ocean to sleep. Graham has slept with this sound since he was born and I'm convinced it is the best invention ever.


  1. We need a high chair and I like the looks of that one! That's the jumper we are borrowing from a friend and G loves it!

  2. Harrison loved the jumparoo until he could crawl and then he wanted nothing to do with it! They grow out of stuff so quickly but for those few short weeks or months they are total lifesavers!

    I'd say his most used baby item was definitely his play gym, but that might be because he took forever to roll and then crawl haha ;) Good list!

  3. My cousin is due in July and we all are going in for that stroller for her. You'll always have a need for one until they are independent.

  4. The jumperoo is a serious game changer. We're going on month 4 with it and in fact today she rolled (because she can't crawl, just roll) herself across the room to it and was reaching up until I put her in to 😂. Anytime I see high chairs with lots of cushions I get grossed out thinking what could be hiding in there, or maybe other people are better (less lazy) at cleaning than me.

  5. Pretty sure Jack will be going off to college with the ocean sound machine.